February is full of fundraising potential; with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, now’s the time to get planning! Check out our top 5 February fundraising ideas and follow our simple guide to planning and see how much you can raise?!

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Offer odd jobs for fundraising cash:

This month is off to a cold start and many parts of the country have already experienced some snow, so what a great fundraising opportunity it could be to offer to shovel snow, de-ice cars or rake leaves for your neighbours, friends and family.

Make sure you plan ahead by keeping an eye on the weather forecast so you’re ready to get started straightaway. Let people know what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and how you can offer to help them (don’t forget to wear your Camps t-shirt too).

As soon as you can start spreading the word and advertise! Word of mouth can work really well but can you take it one step further? Post flyers and posters around your neighbourhood, contact your local radio stations or newspapers. If you’ve got an online fundraising page up and running, then make sure to announce it on there too. Don’t forget your snow shovel!

*Top tip* The Traveller Gateway is full of promotional material!

Next step; set a price and start scheduling appointments in your free time.


How are your multi-tasking skills? Time to start your valentines card prep:

Look for inspiration to design your own cards (Pinterest is amazing for this!). Remember, keep it simple so that you can keep up with your orders but make sure the cards will grab people’s attention! Set a price (work out your costs; what do you have to buy in advance? How much must you charge per card to make some profit?), you could even charge extra to write and post them to keep them top secret.

How can you get the word out? If it’s in school can you make an announcement in assembly or send an email around? The same applies for selling to your friends, youth centre or sports group; make sure people know about them!

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It’s time for your bake sale:

Find a fab location – village or church hall – and decorate your cakes to the max! Heart shaped cookies are a good idea because they’re cheap to make, you can bake them in large batches and decorate them quickly and easily with icing, sprinkles and edible glitter. Get to work making your stall look attractive with bunting, banners, posters.

Top tip: Get together with your friends and hold a bake-a-thon; it’ll make it much more fun and enjoyable!

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Once Valentine’s Day is over, what’s next? How about holding a coffee morning?

This will be popular whilst the weather is still cold outside! Maybe approach local supermarkets to see if they will donate any hot chocolate goodies (think toppings such as marshmallows, sprinkles and biscuits!). You could also sell them on as gifts (present them in a mug, wrapping, ribbons or bows). Remember to use social media to spread the word.

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Trying to figure out how to put your half term to good use? Why not plan a sponsored walk, bike ride or swim:

Download our sponsorship form on your Traveller Gateway and fix a date, bring your friends and family along to see you cross the finish line!

*Remember* Take pictures along the way to showcase all your hard work!

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Now it’s over to you…

Happy fundraising and don’t forget to let us know how it goes by entering your story into our Friday Fundraising Star competition.