I received this in December, but we had lots of other blogs to post, so I expect Hazel has done a lot more since she sent this to us!! She started in October and by mid December she had already had £1500!!

When I first heard about the expedition I was immediately gripped about such an amazing opportunity. From a very young age I have been fascinated by orangutans ever since I adopted one, called Koaya as a birthday present. hazelThe exciting life of this gorgeous faraway friend inspired me, and at the age of 7 I made a movie about these unique great apes and what needs to be done to conserve them, it was entered into a school competition and I won a prize for it. This expedition will be so special as now I can experience and get closer to the astounding Borneon environments, that for me were once just a childhood dream. As well as helping with efforts to provide a sustainable future for them.

To raise my first amount I decided to organize a 24 hour cupcake baking challenge. image3Not only did this involve an endeavor for me to bake for 24 hours straight but also to collect £1 guesses of “how many I could bake?” from all my friends and family and then selling the rain forest themed cupcakes afterwards. I manged to get a total of 150 guesses after many long and hard calculations. The next stage in my plan of action was the task of buying all the ingredients, this involved 150 eggs, 10kg of flour, butter and sugar and 25kg of icing sugar (although I only got half of the huge sack of icing sugar). On the Friday 30th of November at 7pm the 24 hour clock began. After a couple of batches I got into a rhythm of measuring, mixing, baking and icing,and with the entertainment of motivating friends and science revision videos time soon flew by. We had invited people around for afternoon tea on the following saturday for intense cake eating and for the grand reveal. It was brilliant to have so many people turn up and support me and at 7pm the last batch came out and the 1044th cupcake was iced. Now the challenge was selling the 1000+ cupcakes. I sold £170 worth at my afternoon tea and the next Sunday I had my local Christmas street market and sold another £80 worth. I also went around local nursing homes and brought them into school to sell and it was sad to see the cupcake go, but it was a great experience and definitely a fundraising success.image2

I have also been making festive savory snacks to sell to staff at my school and at my church Christmas concert. I sold Hot chocolate kits, sweets and homemade orangutan Christmas cards. I also wrote handwritten letters to many companies to ask for any contributions to my trip, and its exciting to hear their responses. As well as this I did a car boot sale and busking on my high street. I am still in early days of my fundraising journey but I am amazed about how all these fundraising efforts add up. I have raised over £1500 since October, and every penny I raise I feel one step closer to Borneo.img_7181

Over the Christmas period I am planning on doing lots of festive busking with my friends, I really enjoy doing this and it is an easy way to raise a few extra pennies. After Christmas I would like to host an environmental themed quiz night at our local village hall, including a giant raffle with prizes donated by high street companies and also do an art event selling paintings of various local artists. I am excited for the new year and coming up with lots more innovative fundraising ideas.

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