Rosalie sent us her story just after Christmas and she has certainly been creative with her fundraising!! Tasty treats galore!!

When I first heard about the expedition I was very excited to be able to take part in something that will be life changing for me. I am excited to experience life in Peru. I asked myself can I do this ! It’s a huge challenge with fundraising and actually surviving somewhere so far away from my family unit…….I am ready and I can not wait to go in this adventure!

My first event was a a jumble sale in a village hall.20815d97-df3c-45d9-933a-9dcf1b39ac26We had a huge response from family and friends, some fantastic support. I also have this week just done a Christmas bizzarre. Which was amazing! f8d6fda0-f5aa-45f5-aa0c-aa8f19a25e6f

My only worry on each event was people turning up on the day. But they did ! Even in the freezing rain, so many came to support us. Even the elderly ladies in the village walked up in the freezing rain and they were soaked through ! A nice hot choc and mince pie soon sorted them out !a4991737-49d3-4dc8-b43c-c45d19666eb6

So far I have raised about £3,100 !! I have enjoyed every second. The planning, the organising even meeting new people.

Next I am planning to have a few raffles planned for the new year and a swishing party !!

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