Looking for some top tips on how to fundraise fast? Then look no further. We interviewed Immi, our Fundraising Advisor, who was lucky enough to also go on a school expedition and, like most of you, fundraised the lot to get her there. 

Plan ahead: 

Starting by planning everything she liked to do, Immi succeeded in turning her hobbies into fundraising ideas. The first idea that popped into her head was a sure winner, cake sales! Because who doesn’t love cake? Here at Camps, we find that a cake sale is an easy win for fundraising.

Immi raised £100+ per cake sale: 

Immi’s evenings were filled with baking cakes and her weekends were spent selling them. The great thing about it was that she was doing something she loved in her free time. On average she made £100+ from each cake sale with very minimal costs spent on ingredients.

If your next payment deadline is fast approaching, then why not consider holding your own cake sales? Think fast and get something sorted in time for Easter (perhaps some delicious chocolate nests and Easter cupcakes). Ask your school if you can set up a lunchtime stall and get selling. After 6 successful bake sales, Immi had already covered her first instalment.


Sponsored Events: 

With her cake sales well underway, Immi was after another quick win so she decided it was time to plan a bigger event during her school holidays. Exams were just around the corner and she wanted to make a dent in her next payment so decided on holding a sponsored walk. Sponsorship forms at the ready, Immi and her friends set about spreading the word in their local area about what they were doing so that they could gain as much attention as possible.

To do this, she used social media as well as posters and flyers (remember, all these materials are available on the Traveller Gateway). 12 miles later and a great day of walking the south coast, Immi and her friends raised an impressive £250 each towards their expedition!

Immi’s First Group Event: 

Immi found that another great way to fundraise was by organising group events in her school. This helped her to arrange her first big quiz night held in the school’s main hall. They found a local celebrity to present the night, which drummed up loads of support, and they offered prizes which were donated by local companies. Over 100 people turned up and paid £10 per ticket. The money raised was then split between all the students who got involved, this was an amazing £200 each.

Image 2
                                                                          Immi and her friends at one of their fundraising events (Highcliffe, 2007).

Quiz night success: 

Being spurred on by the success of this night, Immi hosted her own quiz night and events evening at a local village hall which was bigger and better than ever. Charging for tickets, providing a buffet and organising loads of games for throughout the night, such as a lucky dip, tombola and raffle, the evening was a huge success. Immi raised £1100, covering her second instalment and she was well on her way to smashing her final instalment too!

Online Platforms: 

To cover the rest of the costs, Immi found that Easy Fundraising is a great platform to get the word out. Set up your own account and add a little bit about who you are and what you’re doing, then share with family and friends. For every item they purchase, you’ll get a percentage in return to put towards your expedition.

Image 1

                                                                         Immi and her friends working on a watering hole in Kenya (Tsavo, 2009).

If Immi can do it, so can you! Why not put these top tips to use on your fundraising journey – we’d love to hear how you get on. Don’t forget to grab your camera and film your fundraising activities for a chance to win 10% off your total expedition cost through our Fundraising Vlogger Competition.