You have your fundraising events planned and they’re well underway. Perhaps you’re wondering how else can you raise money for your trip? Why don’t you give our top five saving tips a go and see how much you can save before you travel?

Start a ‘Travel’ Piggy Bank: 

Get hold of your very own piggy bank and fill it up with all the loose change you can find (1ps and 2ps can quickly add up!). Ask your family and friends to get involved too and see how many coins you can collect before your trip. Don’t forget to have a look down the back of the sofa!

You could quite easily save £100+ over the 18 months on the lead up to your trip.


You can also do this with foreign currency as well. There are companies who’ll take foreign coins and give you back pounds which is great way to convert any leftover currency into cash after your holiday. (Note, we don’t work with these companies and we advise you to read their Terms & Conditions before signing up).

Save Money by Snacking Less:

Do you buy a snack each day during breaktime at school? Try turning this into a saving strategy by cutting your snacking down to two snacks a week and watch the money add up:

For example, 80p a day on a bag of crisps, 5 days a week, adds up to £4.

£4 x 52 weeks in a year = £208.

But, if you only buy 2 x crisps a week, you could save £125.00, yay!

Pocket Money, Birthdays, Christmas:

A great way to start saving is by stashing away your pocket money to save for your big adventure. If you get £10 a week and you put £5 into your savings every week, you could save an amazing £240 a year.

Birthdays and Christmases are also a great opportunity to get some money together for your trip. Or, if relatives prefer to give gifts rather than money, ask that they contribute towards your kit list.

*Top Tip* Can you give your family some extra help around the house in return for pocket money? Offer to wash their cars or cutting the lawn.

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Part-Time Work:

If you don’t have a part time job already, why not ask around your local cafés, restaurants and pubs. Spend your Saturday mornings working to get some money together for your trip?

If you work twice a month for three hours each time on minimum wage, you could save £600 in a year.

Set up a separate savings account to put this money straight into it.

Set Goals:

Remember we have given you payment dates to make fundraising more achievable. If you’re still feeling overwhelmed by the big numbers, you could always break these down into weekly and monthly targets, including reasonable savings goals.


*Don’t forget* Use the thermometer on the Traveller Gateway to track your progress and hit target.

We always love hearing about your fundraising and saving stories. Make sure to share your success stories with us by vlogging your fundraising activities for a chance to win 10% off your total expedition cost through our Fundraising Vlogging Competition.