Your expedition is just a few months away (or it may be next year!) so we have answered the top questions that get asked about an expedition; you might not have thought about them! Read on to find out how you’ll be doing your washing, what the toilets are like and whether it’s worthwhile taking your phone.

How will I do my washing?

You might not have thought about how you’ll do your washing during your month away (it’s a parent free zone, so you’ll be doing it for yourself!). By now, you should have read your kit list on the Traveller Gateway and you’ll have noticed we’ve included biodegradable travel wash. This is because you’ll be hand-washing all your clothes whilst you’re away! If you need help, you’ll be shown the best techniques to do this by our in-country staff when you arrive at your first camp. There are clothes lines available but feel free to bring some pegs and string so your clothes dry in no time.

Why not put in a few practice washes before you leave so that it’s not so daunting when you arrive in camp?  Say goodbye to your washing machines and embrace the new environmentally friendly you!


What are the toilets and showers like?

Now for the fun part; toilet facilities might vary slightly from what you’d expect at home. A lot of the toilets in our camps are western style but there may be the odd one or two toilets that are traditional. By traditional, we mean long drops. You’re more likely to find these during treks or in our more remote camp locations. When you’ve used them once, you’ll wonder what you were ever worried about!

compost toilets

Compost Toilets in our Cambodia camps

Our camps’ showers can be overhead shower hoses like you’d expect to find at home, but there might also be an opportunity to try using a bucket shower. Wondering how this works? There are large buckets of water, and you simply get a smaller bucket, scoop and pour over yourself.  The water is lovely and cool after a hot day’s work, but the sun heat’s the water to take the edge off.


Shower block in our Africa camps.

Will there be electricity for my phone?

If you’re still wondering whether to take your phone on expedition (check your school’s policy first), here are a few things to help you make your decision. We don’t have internet access in our camps so you might have your phone but you won’t necessarily be able to use it. Electricity can be in short supply; generators can run for a few hours a day which is shared across the camp and would be enough to charge cameras if needed. If you are going to take electronics, touch screens often don’t like sudden changes in climate and remember to take protective cases.

Hopefully you now feel a bit more prepared for what to expect when you go on expedition. Don’t forget to look at your Traveller Gateway for loads of helpful information to get your ready to go and contact the Operations Team if you’ve got any questions!