Heather sent us through her successful fundraising story earlier in the year, and it is too good not to share with you all!! She gets on a flight for her expedition in 2 months time and has done an awesome job of fundraisng for her entire expediton!!

When I first heard about the expedition to Borneo run by Camps International at school, I thought it sounded amazing! I was so excited to go abroad and have fun (like scuba diving) as well as being able help people while I was there. Then we were told how much money it cost (that we were to fund raise as much of as possible)  I doubted whether I’d actually be able to go or not. However, my family were very eager for me to be able to, and friends soon gave their support as well.

My parents knew of a charity called ‘Let’s do it anyway’ who hold an annual Boxing Day big dip, where the challenge is to run into the freezing cold water of the North Sea and tak   e a ‘dip’.  For it to count as a ‘dip’, I had to fully submerge in the water. Dippers are encouraged to wear fancy dress and I wore a reindeer onesie. We asked family and friends to sponsor me for this event in order to raise money for my Borneo expedition which was successful.

One way in which we raised money was through extremely generous donations for car boot sales and Cash For Clothes from friends and families. These donations have helped us to raise almost £900 by selling donated old clothes for 50p/kg to a clothes recycling depot in Norwich, as well as local car boot sales in a neighbouring village and larger car boot sales slightly further away in Norwich itself.  An alarm clock at 5am on a Sunday morning is definitely a shock to the system for me!car-boot-resized

I have also completed two sponsored events. The first was the Boxing Day big dip and the other was a sponsored climb – to the top of the O2 Arena in London. From these two events combined, I raised about £550. The view from the top of the observation deck of London was incredible!up-at-the-o2-resize

I also contacted a few local businesses to gain sponsorships for the expedition itself, these were smaller local businesses that I helped raise awareness of by having their logos/names printed onto a fundraising t-shirt alongside Camps International’s Camp Borneo logo. So far, I have been sponsored by: Queen B Bath and Body, Sophie Speed Reflexology, Zumba instructor Jeanette Chant, Bespoke cheesecake creations by Laurie and two independent ambassadors of Tropic.  This raised a further £200.me-and-sophie-speed-reflexology

My family and I have also thrown sales parties in order to raise funds for Borneo which has been enjoyable and also allowed us to meet up with friends, including several we haven’t seen in a while. So far we have thrown two Tropic parties, an Oriflame party, plus a Chocoholics Party leading up to Christmas. These were great fun and fundraised almost £300.

Due to the fact that there are only four students going on the expedition from my school, it has been difficult to arrange group fundraisers in school, so most of my fundraising has been done individually. However, we have held a weekly tuck shop in school and also arranged a Bingo Night in the school’s canteen. We’ve also had great support from our local supermarkets, with the group of students from the school being allowed to hold two back packing sessions for customers; one at Morrison’s and one at Tesco.

I also wore my t-shirt of sponsors to several events, including the Tesco bag packing.  I have also done several fetes over the summer both alongside other students and individually. In addition, I’ve run a quiz night in a local village hall, sold spree voucher books, sold lip balms (made by KCR crafts), and more.me-and-the-banner

I’ve just reached the incredible major fundraising milestone of £4000 of my £4350 with a few months left to go; something I never thought would be possible at the outset when we first heard about the expedition, I’m hugely thankful for the amount of support the people around me (including some generous strangers).

My family and I are planning to continue with our car boots this year as we have received so many generous donations, as well as continuing to collect donations to take to Cash For Clothes.

We are also planning to host another Chocoholics party as this was successful and a lot of fun (as we were able to see several people that we haven’t seen in a while and socialise).

Hopefully, I will fund raise the whole £4350 and also raise some money towards vaccinations and kit


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