When I first heard about the expedition I thought what an amazing thing to be able to say that I’ve done! I love helping others and what better way to help others than helping those who need it most! I am honestly so grateful that I get the chance to do this, as it is something I’ve always wanted to do! It makes me think that if I was in their position, I’d love a hand with everything, so here I am!

To raise my first amount I got together family and friends and decided to host a race night. We went to the local pub in our village and told them about my fundraising, they offered to lend their venue to us which was a massive help and over the course of the night I held raffles, quizzes and horse racing on a big screen!! Over the night I raised £1,200! And I managed to face my fears of speaking in front of 150 people!905fecbb-0e84-463f-923a-d4b075adeddc

I have recently been doing so many carboots! Or garage is still full of items which people have given to me to sell so we are currently finishing off the boot sales! 4c108bd4-4991-425a-a9ba-9c37e814ac90I have also taken loads to antique shops and got a little bit of money from the dealers.  By using my artistic skills I have also been painting and selling my watercolours. These have gone off so well and I have sold them all the way down in Oxford! And I’m from York! I think I have sold over 50 original paintings all different animals and themes. And due to this, I am currently only £200 away from the goal!429c364a-2a11-4cc6-82d8-c517a40fd71b

Next I am planning on organising a group coffee morning at our local village hall and inviting lots of people from the village. This will be a lovely way to tell everyone about my journey raising money and the trip itself.

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