Chloe has worked extremely hard on her fundraising journey and it is payin goff – she gets on her flight for her expedition this summer and we are sure she is going to have a great time!

I was originally terrified at the thought of going on this trip due to knowing how long I’m going to be away from home, I’ve never been away from my parents for longer than a week!! Although I then started to realise what a fabulous opportunity it would be, and started to understand the benefits that would come along with it, including helping me to become more confident and boost my self esteem. I asked if there we would someone going that will understand my situation and could help me if I panicked.

To raise the initial deposit I used my tips from working as a waitress, I had been saving this for a while for something special and thought it was time to put it toward something good.  For my first fundraiser I hiked up Scafell Pike in the Lake District and raised around £200.  I made and printed out a sponsor form and asked around school for donations. My Mum and I drove to Cumbria and the next day we hiked up the mountain, it was both mentally and physically challenging but I had a great sense of achievement when we found ourselves standing at the top.1e3a6cf7-7583-4103-b37c-9f3f00d38921

Recently to raise money, I have been making hampers for prizes online, these each make around £30-£40. I have done a car boot sale that raised £80. My Mum and I sold cakes in our town and this raised £138.80, I have been making sweet cones and reindeer hot chocolate around Christmas, as well as babysitting for close friends. Another way I fundraised was collecting unwanted clothes, I put these clothes in bags that then went on the be weighed and the amount I raised was £298.20 (these bags took over our shed and back garden for a little while!!) fadc804f-9eb9-4d5b-b2f2-49d635a99b9bAs well as this my brothers and I, with my mum delivered Yellow Pages in and around Loughborough, by doing this helped me raise around £310. So far I have raised £2848 . I still feel incredible nervous about the expedition and a little worried about raising the next £1292 but I am confident that with a little bit of help I will achieve this goal.4c0ec554-b17e-4461-a418-7db9e985bdc8

My next fundraiser event is to hold a Zumba session, in the main hall of my school, with two instructors for 2 hours. I am very excited for this as it is something very different and, so far, we’ve had a really good response from people that would like to participate.c15f303b-e60a-42c7-a9a3-4a18b0e907e7

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