When I first heard about Camps International, my friend’s older sister started her fundraising almost three and a half years ago. I thought it seemed cool so had a further look into it and that was when I decided I’d like my own journey with Camps International. When the expedition to Costa Rica was first announced I had an overwhelming buzz of anticipation and excitement because I’d been waiting,  rather impatiently, to sign up. I was a bit nervous about fundraising as I knew it would be difficult but my parents reassured me that it’s a more than achievable goal; immediately the motivation I first felt came back and my mind started racing!

The first thing I did was contact a business who have worked with my family before and they sponsored me enough to put in my deposit, when I asked if they’d like me to print their logo on my Camps T-shirt they said “We’ll sponsor you not to put our logo on your T-shirt, I don’t think we’ll get many clients in Costa Rica!”
I was also lucky enough to have a lot of family and friends donating as and where they could, I was so overwhelmed with all of the support I received both at home and abroad. I think that it’s so cool that I am able to say that I have some sponsors from Lanzarote where my parents have a large network of friends.david-penny

As well as donations and sponsorships, I’ve planned and hosted some events alongside some other friends going on expedition with me. These include a quiz and curry night, multiple raffles, bonus ball draws and attending some craft fairs, all with varying levels of success. Even though not all of the events did as well as I would’ve hoped, they were a learning curve from the parts that did work.christmas-market

One of my favourite things that I’ve done so far is a practice expedition with one of my sponsors from Lanzarote where he taught me about proper equipment and gave me an insight into his experience with learning other people’s way of life, he also taught me his personal ethos “Work hard, play hard, be responsible, help other people.”
I’ve learned so much along my fundraising journey, including the inner workings of a radio station, another mum from the expedition group in our school managed to get some of us into our local radio, BBC Gloucester, it brought us great publicity. bbc-gloucesterI’ve also had experience in interviews as a local charity, The Rotary Club, interviewed myself and a couple of other students in our expedition group and have us each £450 grants. All of this has contributed to the more than £3000 I have raised already.

Along with some friends, we have a band night, bingo evening, another raffle and a table top sale in the pipeline.
At the end of March my family  agreed to help me sell refreshments at my dance school’s biannual performance (where I have danced since I was 3), the owner of the school has generously allowed me to have those profits.

As a school expedition group, we have started to learn how to scuba dive in our local leisure centre and we have a few more ‘Try-Dives’ coming up; they’ve really helped get us all excited for the expedition.

We love to hear from you about your fundraising and if you would like to enter, please click on the link below and fill in your details: http://campsinternational.com/fundraising-friday-star/

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