When I first heard about the trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands I was extremely interested to go to somewhere entirely different to my home with very different society, I was also excited to see all the unique and fascinating animals native to the Galapagos e.g. the Galapagos pink land Iguana. However I was scared about certain aspects of the expedition such as the chance of getting ill or be away from home with people I barely know for 4 weeks.

My first idea for fundraising was to make a 3D model of the Galapagos Islands to take to summer fayres. I chose to do this because I like making models so I thought I would enjoy doing it. While I was making the model I learnt a lot about the Islands and the animals that live on them. Once I had made it I took it to school fairs and people had to guess the answer to a question eg. which island does the flightless cormorant live on. The winner got a soft toy which was donated by a local business. This idea didn’t raise as much money as I hoped but I enjoyed making the model and it was a great to let people know about my trip.galapagos-island-map-summer-fayre

I did most of my fundraising last summer. I made penny pots from Pringle tubes for friends and family which they could fill up with any loose change they had. Many people took penny pots home and brought back quite a few full ones – so far in total I raised £400 from the penny pots! I have held two plant and cake sales raising a total of £300, delivered leaflets and received money from a charitable trust. ecuador-plant-saleI also attempted a 100 mile cycle ride over the moors in Devon from Ilfracombe to Plymouth in 3 days along the Tarka trail, unfortunately I sustained an injury so had to stop with only 8 miles left; I managed to raise £420 doing this and plan to go back to finish the ride this summer. I have also raised over £800 with the group that I am going with, doing events like Bingo nights, Race Nights and car parking.huw-cycle-ride-2
I feel like the fundraising journey has been very successful but a little difficult.

I have now raised nearly all of the money I need for the trip but I am still planning to do a car boot sale and with the group from school, another Race night and a Gig to raise money for kit and vaccinations.

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