Having heard of the Borneo expedition a few years ago, Sarah is now set and ready for her expedition in 2020. She has been busy fundraising ever since and is well on her way! Borneo, here you come! 

I first heard about Camps International last year when they came to my school for an expedition to Borneo in 2019. I wanted to attend that expedition however due to family issues I was unable to go in the end. When the opportunity came up again this year to go in 2020, I instantly jumped on board. As my friends who went last year told me I’d have a blast and really enjoy it.


Myself and two other girls who are travelling from my school have been organising fundraising events. We are going to be going to local markets selling muffins, doing a trivia night in October, a Bunning’s sausage sizzle in August. Between the three of us girls going to Borneo, we have a calendar where it has the dates for all our events coming up.

keyrings-1 (002)
On my own, I have been making jewelled keyrings that I’ve sold through Facebook. After a few minutes of me posting about them, Mum and I had several inquiries about them and so far, we have sold at least thirty. This means Mum, along with my sisters and I, need to get busy making more. We have so far made hearts, elephants, babushka dolls, owls and we have some more designs coming in the mail. I have been selling them for $5 each. I also work at McDonald’s part-time and put money from each pay into my Borneo account. My family are extremely proud of my commitment.

After the holidays, I am going to get started with a chocolate drive. Asking friends and family to sell these in their workplaces. I’ve also started a loose change jar which currently has 5 cents in it and I will be organizing to put one up at my Dad’s work as well. I am so excited to have the opportunity to be going on this trip as it is something I have never done before. And it will be my first time overseas and away from my family for so long, doing community work is what I love doing!
We can’t wait to hear about how all the upcoming fundraising goes along your journey, Sarah! If you have been busy fundraising, we want to hear from you. To apply to be a Fundraising Friday Star like Sarah, click on this link.