When I first heard about the expedition I was so excited and immediately thought what a great way for me to give something back to society.  I have Asperger’s syndrome and have received so much support from my parents, grandparents and teachers, that I decided that this is a great way for me to develop my social skills and life skills whilst giving something back. Win win!image

To raise my first amount my mum and dad helped me with ideas, and as my parents had both just moved house, a car boot sale was the obvious choice to start with. Friends of the family also donated items for sale and soon the entire car was full of sale items. My only challenge was getting up early and hoping it didn’t rain!

So far my fundraisers have included a pool competition at our local pub, an Xbox competition, 2 cheese and wine evenings for my Nan’s friends and family members. My mum managed to get 2 sponsors for my camps international t-shirt and donations from local charities to support me. In return I will be talking about my trip to them on my return and wearing my t-Shirt to advertise my sponsors. I also held a quiz night which was great fun, and to thank everyone involved I sang to them for entertainment. I’m doing music GCSE so this was good practice!Unknown-1

My final fundraiser is the 2nd and final cheese and wine evening. I’m looking forward to this as the last one raised over £200. I just have to serve the cheese (even tho I’m allergic to it) and pour wine (even tho I don’t like alcohol) all worth it though for the donations.Unknown-3

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