When I first heard about this expedition, I knew I had to go, I could imagine myself out there getting involved and this would excite me, I knew it would be a big effort for me and my family to raise the money but I also knew it wasnt impossible!

The first big event was held on Saturday and was a night of Bingo and Karaoke, organised by myself and 2 other pupils, I had been to a similar function a few years earlier and remembered that it was fun and even as a kid got involved, we had some great prizes for the raffle that had been donated after contacting companies through Facebook and speaking to people, our tickets were £10 each for all bingo (3 games plus stand up), pie & peas and a pint, making approx £5 per ticket and £2 for children, who got a game and a hot dog, after paying everything out we made £550 on the night. Everyone enjoyed themselves, it was a brilliant success, the DJ even made us dance which was very embarrassing but we didnt really have a choice as everyone was there supporting us.

During the summer months me and my mum would attend carboots quite regularly, we would make between £30-£90 just from items donated by others, the last one we tried we woke up about 5am got to the place unpacked everything and sorted out our stall, within 15 mins it started throwing it down, we tried our best to cover things up, thinking it would blow over but unfortunately the weather got the better of us and we had to leave after about an hour, most of out stock was ruined so we are now collected again for next year.b333819f-4d76-4c06-8d3c-b7906f68be95

I have also completed a 360ft Bungee jump on Sunday 7th April 2019 this was initialy planned for October but unfortunately I tore my ligaments in my knee playing rugby causing me to be in cast then a splint for several weeks, luckily the bungee club let me rearrange this, I managed to get a couple of company sponsors that donated £100 each for me to wear a T-shirt whilst completing and a further £626 from friends, family, parents works, teachers etc, it’s been hard work so far but will be worth it as still super excited to get to Tanzania. I have managed to raise £296 from carboots, £183 from Bingo event and £826. Total £1,305461a4b41-2019-4dfa-85f3-3d0880695a43

I have been collecting items for carboots which we are starting at Easter weekend and will continue to do them until the trip date I am so going to offer car washing services and will be doing a raffle with dontated prizes.

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