When I first heard about the expedition I SAW A PHOTO OF SLOTHS AND THOUGHT, SIGN ME UP!!!!

I started by approaching local businesses for sponsorship. I wrote letters and personally delivered them around town. Luckily a few of them agreed to sponsor me which was a fantastic start to my fundraising journey. I made a t shirt with all my sponsors names on which I’ll be taking to Ecuador! resized
I then organised a “Healthy Tuck Shop” for the sixth form at my school. It started off well but people quickly lost interest. It required quite a bit of organisation in order to man it and wasn’t very profitable so decided to cut my losses after three months. I went to various local school fetes selling pre-loved jewellery before deciding to plan a children’s “Ice Princess Ball”. I work part time as a children’s entertainer, and along with my friend Laura who is also going on the camps expedition this summer with me, we held the ball for 70 children. We dressed up as characters, did a half hour performance and ran party games for the afternoon. I also organised for other expedition members from my school to provide refreshments and run a stall as part of their fundraising efforts. It was a fantastic afternoon and was definitely my favourite fundraising activity.photo-5

As I knew that I would be going into A levels this year, I decided to focus all my fundraising efforts during the first 9 months after signing up. I managed to reach my target by Christmas, through business sponsorship, fundraisers, go fund me and easyfundraising donations. Once I knew I had reached the full amount needed for the expedition it was a huge relief and I’m really excited about the expedition.

Personally, I just need to finish getting all my kit and as a school group we are organising events to raise the money for the coach to the airport!

photo-4  We love to hear from you about your fundraising and if you would like to enter, please click on the link below and fill in your details: http://campsinternational.com/fundraising-friday-star/

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