Amy sent us her story in March, so we are sure she hasfundraised even more now, but her story shows how in approximately 6 weeks you can raise £400
When I first heard about the expedition I felt excited, yet nervous as its a long way away and we are there for a long time. However, it sounds like an amazing trip, and a once in a life-time chance. I was really excited as my best friend wanted to go too.

To raise my first amount I made up 200 sample Yogi tea boxes for Thyme Market Limited, a Company who promote brands such as Yogi tea in health food stores. Each box contained 100 bags of the same flavoured tea.
54279614_2127343177359037_2984570609326882816_nMy job was to empty all the boxes and refill them with 10 bags of each different flavour creating a rainbow effect in the box (each different flavour was a different colour, see photos attached). I did this by piling each flavour into 10 tea bag piles all over my nan’s dining room table. Then collecting 10 bags of each different flavour to put back in the box. This took hours and hours, and was very tedious. I was doing laps of the table. However, I completed all 200 boxes and raised £70 for my efforts (£1 for every 3 boxes complete).

53560000_1132301453624048_4173465252471504896_nI have also been cleaning for a family friend at his house. He paid me £5 per hour (and fed me pizza and lemonade). Since his girlfriend left him, his house has not been cleaned. It took me 2 hours the first time to clean his bathroom. Also, he still had his real Christmas tree up in the front room, pine needles all over the floor. I now know I do not want to be a cleaner as a career. So far I have done 8 hours for him and his house looks immaculate, earning me £40. Once the weather is warmer, he has offered me a painting job. 
I have also been selling unwanted items on Facebook such as books, old teddy bears, clothes etc.
So far, all in total I have raised about £400.

Next I am planning to do a 10,000ft tandem skydive. I am really excited to do this as I have always wanted to do one. However, I am also very nervous as it is a very long way down. My mum has brought this as my 16th birthday present and I am asking family and friends to sponsor me for my skydive towards my Tanzania expedition. I am also hoping to get some t-shirt sponsors before I do my skydive and to wear my Camps International t-shirt during my jump. My jump is in July.

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