When I heard about the trip I was excited about the opportunity to help other people by making the locales feel happy; from us building things that are needed within the local community and other day to day things that will benefit them in the future.  I wanted to experience different cultures and how they live and I wanted to get a feel of how different it is to what I am used to.  I am also going out to Tanzania to make myself a better person and to see the differences between how I live and how others do.
When I said yes to coming on this trip I was very nervous because I thought to myself how am I going to raise all this money in two years and I had to put a lot of thought into this along with my Mum, Dad and friends.

To raise my first amount I had multiple ideas about what to do; such as going to peoples houses and cutting their grass and when it got to the winter, sweeping leaves. Also with Mums input I did a cake sale where my mum works and collected glasses at my local social club.  Overall I managed to raise £250 from those odd bit and pieces.7244-screen-grab

With my Dad I started to plan a gig to fundraise the rest of the money as my dad plays in a band and said he would help me, so we sat down and made tickets and posters to advertise what I was going to in Tanzania .
As well as ticket sales I also went to my dads business networking meetings to see if they would want to sponsor me for £100 to get their business logo put on mine and the band’s t-shirts for them to use in their company’s marketing.
We also planned to have a raffle on the night and so went to local companies and asked them to donate prizes. In total we raised (after all costs) £3900 from this event including £900 from raffle sales and £1100 from the Sponsors which I am so pleased with.7303-screen-grab
So far I have really enjoyed what I have done but the gig was the best because of the atmosphere and talking to people; including doing a 60 second presentation at my Dads networking meetings and also a speech to everyone at the gig on the night. It has been an amazing experience and I really have enjoyed my self when doing this.7252-screen-grab

With the expedition funds and money towards my jabs already raised I am now waiting for the summer to come when I have booked in a car boot sale event which should cover any additional costs for spending money and equipment such as boots and cloths.

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