You’ve done it! You’ve made the decision to take some time out of education, but what next? Taking a ‘gap’ whether that’s a whole year or a few months, can be great for developing skills and experiencing new things, but there is always a risk of wasting your time if you don’t plan ahead. Setting yourself some goals during your time out of education is a great way to ensure that you are getting the most out of your ‘gap’. Here are some great examples to start you off.

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Make an impact

Don’t just head off on holiday or catch up on the latest Netflix series. This is your chance to make a positive impact on the world. Your break from education is the perfect time to volunteer for a cause you really believe in, whether it’s for your local community or for a wider global issue. There are loads of great volunteering programmes out there that you can get involved in but it’s important to do your research to make sure that the organisation you’re working with ­is running truly ethical and sustainable projects.

Get some work experience

To make sure that your gap year benefits you as much as possible in the future, getting some work experience is always a great idea. Whether you’re working in your local café or spending the day in a high-rise office, work experience looks great on a CV and can show you as a confident and responsible person to your future employer. If you’re heading abroad, working on community projects can give you some great experience in working with people from different backgrounds and cultures. This is a great skill to have and will definitely come in handy for the future whatever field you choose to work in.

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Learn a new skill

With some time away from academic education, now is a great time to master a new skill. Whether it’s learning a new instrument or speaking a different language, you’ll have the time and the opportunity to try something you’ve never had the chance to do before. Having a variety of different skills under your belt will you become a well-rounded, interesting person and may lead to unexpected new opportunities. It’s also a great way to meet new people with similar interests!

Take a break

You’ve embarked on a ‘gap’ to take a break from studying, so now is the time to do exactly that. Taking a break from education is a chance for you to refresh yourself in preparation for college, university or going straight into a career. Make sure you give yourself some time to relax, space away from your usual routine to get perspective and ensure that you’re totally ready for the rest of your exciting journey.

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Experience different cultures

The best way to learn about the world is to experience the different cultures of the people that live in it. When travelling, getting involved in the local community rather than sticking to the usual tourist spots is a great way to authentically experience their culture and can really be an eye-opening experience. By volunteering with them on community projects, you are also making an impact on their future which is incredibly rewarding, not just for you, but for them also.

 Keep track of everything you’ve done

If done right, your ‘gap’ will be full of amazing new experiences that will help make an impact on your future.  The last thing you want is to forget anything important when recounting your adventures! Write a journal, make a video blog or take as many photos as you can so when you come to talk about your experiences in the future, you’ll remember everything you did. You might just be surprised at how much you have achieved!

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Here at Camps, our programmes are designed to make your gap trip as meaningful as possible. We offer some amazing experiences across the world that make a positive impact to local communities whilst giving you the chance to achieve your ‘gap’ goals, experience different cultures and learn new skills. To find out more about any of our programmes abroad, click here to view our trips or speak to one of our independent travel coordinators today.