Seasons are constant – which is a perfect opportunity to theme your fundraising like Grace has done! Christmas, Easter or Summer – perfect opportunities for fundraising!

When I first heard about Camps International I was really excited to help others and have an impact on the natural world as well. I was unsure of how I was going to raise enough money, but my expedition leader helped everyone to come up with some fantastic fundraising ideas.

First of all I decided to do a sponsored litter pick in my local area. Although I didn’t have much sponsorship, I enjoyed helping my community.IMG_20181020_121347_resized_20181020_055151205

I also managed to fundraise by selling hand made natural Christmas wreaths to order for my friends and family. Over all I made about 80, which was hard work; I had to find materials, learn how to make wreathe of a suitable standard to sell, and to watch my garden turn into a festive grotto! It was worth it in the end to see how happy people were with what I had made, and it was even more exciting at Christmas.IMG_20181110_095952_resized_20190323_072522822

Recently I have been running a calendar competition where you pay £1 to choose a day. When the calendar is full, I will pick four winning days, and whomever bought the days will win £30, £20, £10 or £5. This way I can still make £300, but you could make prizes or ask local companies for a donation instead if you want to.1553327427565-991284830

Also I have been making bunny bags full of chocolate for £5, or £3.50 without. This is a really great way to raise money at Easter because the materials are very cheap, and you can experiment with funny faces on the rabbits.

1553327352556313699093I am also planning a restaurant take over in the summer holiday to raise money, and will also have a raffle whilst there. Additionally, me and my brother are playing in a concert taking place at our school, and will be able to sell a few tickets. We have decided to put this towards my fundraising, even though my brother is not going too.


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