Kate raised all her funds for her expedition and has just come back from Ecuador too!!  Check out what she did to get herself there…

I first heard about the trip through my school in an assembly. When I first heard what the assembly was about, I was very interested and curious to find out more about it as I have always wanted to help people and recently have been very concerned about the state of the environment. After the assembly, I felt inspired and driven to go on what I considered the trip of a lifetime. And, of course, I was also very scared and nervous because Ecuador is a very long way away! I thought the trip sounded perfect for me    me and the prospect of visiting the Galapagos Islands seemed a dream come true!

The first event I fundraised at was the school Christmas fair. For months before, me and my mum were hard at work making wooden baubles, decorating plastic baubles, planting flowers to bloom just before Christmas and making Christmas themed treats. We raised about £100 at this event, which got the fundraising off to a flying start, and then over the next year I attended many more craft fairs and boot fairs to continue to raise money.IMG_20180930_075716405

I have been incredibly lucky because I managed to raise £6500 in one year. However, it was extremely hard work! My school allowed me to run a snack stall in the hall every break time, selling crisps, handmade sweet bags and packs of biscuits, which I found was the most effective way to raise the money. This is mainly down to the extremely kind and generous caretaker at my school, who was fabulous and put the table up and down for me every break time. The school also let me do glitter face paint at our annual sports day, and run raffles at popular school events. This would not have happened had it not been for my amazing head teacher.


I also ran a South American themed meal with my friend who is also going on the trip, at which we also ran a raffle and a quiz which we made. I am extremely fortunate in that money and items such as ties and cricket equipment was donated to me by big companies such as T.M Lewin, Lane End and Gray Nicholls. Some local companies such as Northwich Metal also donated money, along with money from local councillors and groups, although it took thousands of emails and letters for this method to reap any rewards. My most cheeky attempt to get something to contribute towards my trip was asking Jos Buttler, the Lancashire and England cricketer, in person to give me something. He gave me his match worn hat which was incredibly kind of him and quite an awesome moment! IMG_20180706_215839953_HDRIMG-20180720-WA0001I also got lots of items donated to me from the people in my local area as I put flyers through the doors on my street and those near for a bag collection and I got an amazing response from them, including lots of books, which I sold on apps such as music magpie, Momox and Ziffit. The cricket equipment I sold at my club at an organised auction there, which made quite a lot! My parents and grandparents also gave me lots of help and support the whole way through which made it infinitely more achievable.

I’ve finished fundraising!!

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