Anna is totally winning at fundraising…sponsored walk, babysitting, school events and making use of her dad’s contacts!!

Immediately after hearing about the trip to Tanzania which Camps International was offering, I sprung to my feet and almost immediately started brainstorming ideas to fundraise. I told my parents that I was going with no doubt about it!  There was no way I would let anything get in the way of me going on this trip. As soon as we’d paid the first instalment of money, I’ve been extremely excited as it’s such a fantastic opportunity which will take me far in life.  The trip itself sounds like it has so many aspects that will benefit me personally, as well as those living in Tanzania. As a result, finding motivation to fundraise was no difficulty for me.
Being an experienced traveller, I’m always looking for new places to go so I thought 4 weeks in Tanzania sounded perfect for me. Being able to help communities in a different part of the world while also being able to experience different cultures and ways of life quickly struck interest with me. I’m counting down the days to the summer of 2020 now!

After setting up my easyfundraising cause, I decided that it was time to start raising money as soon as possible. So, shortly after signing up for the trip, I decided to hold a bale sale at my school which managed to get me £52 as my first contribution towards my trip. Planning this came about quite quickly as my school were eager to support me in my fundraising journey. A week after receiving the stamp of approval form the deputy head for my bake sale, I began letting everyone at school know when it would take place. Initially, I struggled to think of what I could sell that would be popular but not too difficult or expensive to make as I ultimately wanted to make as much profit as possible. Using my mum’s mouth-watering brownie recipe, we made trays and trays of brownies the night before and as anticipated, they were a huge hit!

More recently, I’ve been doing odd jobs such as babysitting and waitressing for local events. Charging £5 an hour for my babysitting service has proven to be extremely successful in helping me reach my target of fundraising at least half of the trip’s cost, as I earn around £20 per night of babysitting! I’ve also found that my local rugby club have been extremely generous when offering me waitressing jobs for any events they hold as well as the guests giving me good tips. After doing an 8 hour shift of being a barmaid at a family friend’s 40th birthday, I left £200 closer to getting myself to Tanzania.

Something that has also contributed to my Tanzania fund massively is buying & selling clothes. I’ve raised hundereds of pounds by selling my own clothes or going out bargain hunting and shopping in the sales to sell the items for a higher price. The majority of my sales have got me at least £10 in profit each time.

However, my most successful fundraiser has got me just over £3,000! When planning my fundraising events I wanted to do something a bit different. So, on the 28th of April 2019, I climbed my way up Snowdon through a blizzard with blisters on my feet. 1e81812b-92be-426c-9aa8-2e86e503d819If that doesn’t sound challenging enough, I did it in complete silence. That meant, not being able to complain about my aching feet or how cold it was for 3 hours, plus an extra hour of silence on the train down. For those that know me, knew that the silence was the most difficult part for me. Consequently, the reaction I received from family, friends and businessmen/women was absolutely incredible. I got donations that ranged from £10 to £500! I’m now at a huge £4,250 which means I don’t have much fundraising left to do.0c9b5433-6bb4-4bba-a350-e967d0cd1ef5

Despite everybody’s help, my dad has been the most supportive and helpful person throughout my fundraising journey. I couldn’t have raised so much without his help, or his contact book haha! He’s been unbelievably helpful in numerous ways, he drove us to Wales and walked up with us, he’s spent hours helping me write e-mails when i’ve been seeking sponsorships as well as reaching out to everyone he knows.da715dcc-11d7-454a-ad2d-e4c05ba2403f

Despite being extremely close to having fundraised the full amount for the trip, I’ll still continue to do bake sales as lots of summer fetes are coming up in my local area as well as babysitting. A raffle will be my next main fundraising event due to so many local businesses wanting to show their support to my cause as well as using my raffle as a way to advertise themselves. Hopefully, this will allow me to raise over £4,450 so that I can use any left over money to buy kit or use it to buy things for the locals in Tanzania.

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