With hundreds of thousands of people heading overseas to travel each year, there are many different types of traveller to be found. Here are just a few. Do you recognise yourself in one of these?

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The first-time traveller

These types of travellers are yet to experience the joys of exploring the world. Usually just out of school or college, they fancy an adventure into the unknown, perhaps wanting to broaden their minds before the start of their next chapter. During their first trip abroad, they will be bitten by the ‘travel bug’ and will most likely head out again to explore a new country within a year of their return.

Best trip for first time travellers – try Kenya Wildlife & Marine

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The solo traveller

The solo traveller has the confidence to go wherever they like with nothing to hold them back. Usually pretty experienced with travel, they will go wherever the world takes them, often visiting multiple countries on each trip. Despite setting off on their own, they will always meet a group of like-minded people that will become friends for life due to their mutual love of travelling.

Solo travellers will love Ecuador Amazon Conservation

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The thrill seeker

This traveller is all about adventure. Whether it’s ziplining across canyons or scuba diving in tropical waters, they are always up for doing something a little wild. No matter where they are, they’ll always try to seek out the most adventurous activities. They are often the best people to travel with if you want to be pushed out your comfort zone as you never know what crazy activity you’ll end up doing!

Seeking thrills? Look no further than Peru Community & Machu Picchu

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The foodie

The foodies are all about getting involved in the local culture and trying new foods. They will go wherever people recommend and frequent the local street food stands and restaurants on the lookout for local delicacies. With so many flavours and ingredients available around the world, there is no end to these traveller’s search for the most delicious dishes of each country.

Foodies will find themselves in heaven in Cambodia Culture & Community Development

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The planner

This traveller loves organisation and will know exactly where they are going and when. Every detail is planned to perfection in order to maximise their time abroad and you won’t find them anywhere that they didn’t plan to go! They will have pre-planned their accommodation and researched the best places to go in each country, meaning if you travel with a ‘planner’, you’re guaranteed to have a stress-free experience.

Planners will love this jam-packed adventure in Borneo Community & Island Conservation

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The photographer

Armed with the latest tech, these travellers are always on the lookout for the perfect picture. Most likely to be found off the beaten track around the more hidden natural wonders, their photos will be pieces of art that truly highlight the magic of travelling. When travelling with a photographer, be prepared for some early morning starts in order to catch that perfect morning sunrise.

There are picture perfect views at every turn in Costa Rica Rainforest Conservation

No matter what kind of traveller you are, here at Camps, we have trips that cater to everyone. Whether you’re up for a challenging adventure or want that perfect photo opportunity, our trips provide a variety of activities to help you make the most out of your travel experience. Alongside this, you’ll be making a positive impact to local communities and the environment through vital project work that has been designed to make a difference.

To find out more, check out our full range of trips here or give our independent travel coordinators a call on 01425 485390.