Grace is off to an amazing start with her fundraising, not only has she successfully raised her first amounts, but she has also got lots planned already!

After hearing about this expedition, I initially thought: Wow, what an experience! Knowing full well, if I didn’t take it, I would immediately regret it.  It was the first time anyone had given me the chance to do something so life-changing with such amazing voluntary work and adventure linked together. As soon as I came home that day I told my family all about it – there was no doubt that we would be turning up at that second meeting and finding out more. After meeting number two, I felt excited but also unsure – around £4,500 was a lot of money to raise. I asked myself whether I felt committed enough to stick with it and keep on going, and how much I really wanted to go. I talked. I thought. I decided.

This opportunity was too big and exciting for me to turn down, I would take the obstacles as they came, and made the promise to keep dedicated throughout the whole 18 months worth of fundraising.

In 2021 I would be heading to Kenya with Camps International! – and excited was an understatement…

I made the decision to start fundraising and planning straight away, we had booked on the expedition and I was going, now it was just the £4,500 to tackle. I looked at what I could sell to get the funds started, collating and selling old books, toys and clothing.

I also set up a GoFundMe page and multiple social media accounts dedicated to the fundraising process; I explained on each of them what I was doing and how people could help donate. I created a table of companies to contact for sponsorships (221 to be exact) and started planning my letters. These are all now ready for me to send when I feel the time is right. After multiple posts, emails and tweets, I felt that I was ready to plan my first sponsored event – throughout the month of December, I will be doing a sponsored beach clean over four consecutive weekends. Four weeks in Kenya – in my mind – meant that I should spend four weeks at home doing voluntary work too. By organising this early on and with plenty of notice, about 2 months in advance, I have been lucky enough to have quite a few kind sponsorships already. This brings my current total to around £800 – after this week I am officially 4 weeks in to my fundraising, so I am hopefully off to a very positive start! I hope to build on this over the next few weeks by advertising my event to local businesses and corporations within the UK.P1100495

Next year?… We already have plans afoot – events for warmer weather I think! However between now and Christmas, I have some stalls booked and ready at local fetes. I have been making ‘craft jars’ and fabric bundles (with the help of my big sister) – fingers crossed people will like them…P1100485

I hope to show other young people that even if you are from a quiet Norfolk town, you still have the ability to really make a difference in places that need it the most – home and abroad.    P1100451

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