Challenge yourself to climb Kenya’s highest peak and experience the exhilaration of trekking the second highest mountain in Africa. Mount Kenya stands at 4985 metres and is an amazing 5-day trek in some of the most beautiful scenery Kenya has to offer. On your final summit day, an early start sees you on the summit circuit path, which is arguably the finest walking trail in all of East Africa. On this climb you will experience stunning views, tarns, glaciers, as well as ice- carved rock formations and precipitous valleys, before ideally reaching Point Lenana to see a spectacular African sunrise.

Duration: 6 nights/7 days
Trekking Route: Sirimon
Summit Point: Point Lenana at 4985 metres

Top up price: £850

For more information about this exciting addition to your trip to Africa, please contact the team here at Camps on 01425 485390 or through our contact form. They’ll be happy to talk through your booking and make the necessary arrangements to add this amazing experience to your trip.