Corporate Social Responsibility Trips 

Whether you want to introduce CSR into your business strategy or add to your existing achievements, we provide tangible solutions for your business to give something back where it matters most.

We work with businesses to design tailor made itineraries with fantastic opportunities for your staff to contribute to our award winning project initiatives throughout East Africa, Asia and South America. Collaborating with some of the world’s most deprived communities will have a profound and lasting impact on employees.

In addition to working on projects to benefit communities in need, a mountain climb adds an impactful team work element to your trip. With unrivalled safety procedures and summit success rates over 90%, you can rest assured that your once in a lifetime adventure will be truly memorable.

corporate experiences

Corporate Trip with Jonny Wilkinson, England Rugby legend. Mount Toubkal summit, Morocco.

A CSR journey with Camps International can be used as a business incentive and will aid the development of key business skills, such as:



Team work

Problem solving

Professional relationships with colleagues

Engagement with the business

“I challenge everyone else in the business world to experience this. It’s a life changing event for a good purpose.” Randy Mitchell, CEO – Toll Global Forwarding

“An awesome experience and one that you can’t make up. This is real.” Everett Samuel B&W Tec Inc.

 Five reasons to embrace CSR 
  1. Innovation – Practising sustainability within a business can lead to huge innovations in product and brand development.
  2. Consumer Engagement – Unethical business practises have never been more exposed as they are in our digital age. A positive CSR strategy can win new business and increase customer retention.
  3. Employee Engagement – CSR within a business adds value for many employees. A transparent strategy can attract more talent when recruiting, promote staff retention and increase productivity and morale within the team.
  4. Cost Saving – Incorporating CSR into your business strategy becomes a way of life. Even the slightest changes in the day to day running of your organisation, such as a focus on energy efficiency, can reduce expenditure significantly.
  5. Strengthening Brand Identity – A strong CSR message can clearly set you apart from the competition, generate positive PR and increase your brand’s integrity. We will put YOUR brand at the forefront of YOUR journey to ensure maximum exposure for your Company.