Helping You On Your Way

Heading off to a foreign country is always going to bring lots of questions to mind: Will I like the food? Where can I charge my phone? What vaccinations will I need? Hopefully we answer some of your questions below. If you don’t find what you’re looking for then please call or email one of our friendly Camps Crew members at our UK office.

Q1: What vaccinations will I need?

This will depend on a number of different factors, including your own personal medical history and so we recommend visiting your GP or travel clinic as early as possible (at least 3 months before travel) to find out what vaccinations you’ll need for your chosen destination.

If you are travelling from the UK,  check out the NHS Fit for Travel website for some useful information.


Q2: What sort of visa will I need and how much will it cost?

Kenya: You will require a tourist visa ($50). Please make sure that you state your reason for entry as ‘holiday’. You can apply for your visa before you travel through the Kenyan High Commission or get it upon entering the country.

Tanzania: You will require a tourist visa ($50) and a Volunteer and Wildlife Permit ($200). You can apply for your tourist visa in advance from the Tanzanian High Commission but will need to get your Volunteer and Wildlife Permit when you arrive in Tanzania.

Borneo: Visa is free on entry.

Cambodia: You will require a 30 day tourist visa ($20) which you can get upon entering Cambodia. You will need to take a passport photo with you. If you do not have a passport photo available at the time they will scan your actual passport picture for an extra $1.

Ecuador: Visa is free on entry.

Peru: Visa is free on entry.

Q3: What kind of clothes should I pack?

Check out the Kit list page. We recommend taking clothing that you don’t mind getting ruined for project work as you will definitely get covered in mud and cement! You can take some nicer clothes for going out at weekends and chilling in the evenings. Please be aware that many of our camps are based in Muslim communities so it is inappropriate to wear very short or tight clothing. When out in the communities and on project work we ask that shoulders and thighs are covered and that boys do not take their tops off. Dressing appropriately will earn you the respect of the people you will be working with.

Q4: How much spending money should I take?

Africa: We recommend taking around £200-£250 per month.

Asia and South America: We recommend taking around £250-£300 per month.

Q5: How should I take my money out there?

We advise taking a small amount of cash to start you off. Travellers cheques are difficult to change in all our locations so it is usually easiest to take a Visa debit card. Mastercards and others will not work in the majority of our destinations. Please call us if you have a query.

Q6: What currency will I need?

Kenya: Kenyan Shillings. Widely available in the UK. If using a prepaid cash card you can use US Dollars.

Tanzania: Tanzanian Shillings. Closed currency only available in Tanzania. Take US Dollars as you will get a better exchange rate.

Borneo: Malaysian Ringgit. Available in the UK. If using a prepaid cash card you can use US Dollars. Cambodia: We recommend you take US Dollars. Cambodian Riel may also be used but most people use dollars.

Ecuador: US Dollars.

Peru: Peruvian Nuevo Sol.

Q7: Is there some where safe to store valuables?

Yes. All our camps have secure areas for storing valuable objects when you are not in camp. Passports and money can be stored in a safe in the main office.

Q8: Is there somewhere I can charge electrical equipment?

The majority of our camps will have electricity, whether from the mains or from a generator so there will be plenty of opportunity to charge electrical items. Please don’t take hairdryers or straighteners as these can cause problems with the generators!

Q9: Are there proper showers and toilets?

Our camps have proper running showers although not all have hot water. There is a mix of modern western toilets and in asia some traditional crouch toilets. All facilities are clean and flush. It’s worth taking some baby wipes and hand sanitiser to keep clean and fresh for times you may be away from running water – like in the jungle or out on project work.

Q10: What sort of bag should I take and how big should it be?

We recommend taking a 65-80 litre rucksack. This should be big enough for everything you need. Please don’t bring suitcases with wheels as the uneven terrain in country usually ruins them and you will end up having to pick them up and carry them.