Our Leadership Team

Located across five continents, our senior leadership team are the glue that binds the Camps model together. We have a resident British director in each region ensuring the smooth running of the Camps operation.

These are the guys that trek through jungles and savannahs to discover new camp locations. They meet with the local communities that surround each of our camps to realise the challenges they face and put in place mutual objectives. It’s from those conversations that our volunteer projects are then devised, to offer real solutions for the real world.

Stuart Rees Jones

Founder and CEO

Stu’s first chosen career was as a British Army Officer and whilst he loved every minute, he always wanted to build hid own business. He decided to make the leap and spent several years leading expeditions to Tanzania and Kilimanjaro. He felt frustrated that he was unable to make a significant and lasting impact on the host environments and saw that a permanent camp, co-located and staffed by the community, to deliver on local challenges could be a solution. The company was started in Kenya, he learnt Swahili (rusty at best) and spent a couple of years with our team developing the community-based model that we have now been able to emulate in South East Asia and Latin America. Since then he has dragged his wife, daughters and Jack Russell around the world living in Asia, Africa and now the Middle East. It has given him a connection with the people, wildlife and environments that our business is built around and affords him the privilege of working with the huge diversity of inspiring people worldwide that make up our brilliant team.

Matt Lacey

Chief Operating Officer

Matt has been with Camps from the beginning and runs the UK operation as well as overseeing the company’s global sales, operations, finance, HR and strategy. A keen traveller, he regularly visits all of our regions and loves engaging with the diverse cultures and personalities that make up our global family. When he’s not working, Matt is an accomplished guitarist, martial artist and enjoys exploring the great outdoors with his wife and two dogs. Matt is based in the heart of the New Forest, a stone’s throw from our UK Head Office.

Damian Scott-Masson

Director South America

Having worked in outdoor and academic education for many years, Damian left mainstream education to set up and run Camps’ Latin America operation. Joined by his wife, children and dog, he is now enjoying the ‘pura vida’ way of life in Costa Rica, when he’s not travelling between our offices in Quito and Cusco and promoting our operation throughout the major Latin American cities.

Rory Hall

Director Asia

After a long, and relatively undistinguished career in the British Army, Rory went on to lead expeditions across the globe before putting down roots in Malaysian Borneo for a few years. He joined Camps in 2008 and set up the whole of the Asia operation from scratch before starting Camps in Australia. When he’s not travelling at 40,000ft on the way to one of our many locations, he is exploring what the great outdoors has to offer in Australia as well as now becoming an AFL (Aussie rules football) fanatic.

Simon Englefield

Director Africa

Simon swapped his career as a commercial diver in the North Sea for managing a scuba diving operation in Kenya over 30 years ago. He’s never looked back and continues to enjoy life in Kenya with his wife and two children. Simon has been with Camps right from the start, developing our very first Kenya camps in 2003 and now overseeing our entire Africa operation.

Carl Palmer

Finance Director

Carl is our Group Finance Director and joined Camps International in June 2010. He frequently travels across all our locations and is responsible for all financial and fiscal management aspects of the group’s operations.

James Gallagher

Non Executive Chairman

James is one of a number of founder shareholders of Camps. As chairman, he is now responsible for the corporate governance, leadership and accountability of the board.