Unrivalled Safety Procedures

This is the most important aspect of your expedition and something we take very seriously. Unlike most UK expedition companies, our operations team consisting of over 100 staff are mainly located where you are, in the expedition destination, as well as our team in UK. This means we are on hand to prevent and deal with incidents rather than just react to them from afar.

There is no doubt that the greatest benefits and rewards to you will come from the most challenging tasks and adventures. Our job is to ensure that the challenges we introduce you to and the services we provide are as safe as possible. We recognise that world travel and adventure will take you to unfamiliar destinations and environments and stretch your comfort zone. That’s why we have professional and experienced staff to provide a fully supported expedition round the clock.

Through experience, we know where the dangers and pitfalls are, and as a result of thorough risk assessments and constant awareness we do all that is possible to keep you safe and well.

We choose our camps carefully to ensure that they are strategically located close to approved medical facilities and have in place rehearsed medical and emergency procedures to ensure you receive the best standard of care possible.

Our camps are located in safe and secure areas, and through our strong relationship with the local communities we benefit from a high degree of local security.

In simple terms, the locals see us as part of their community and take good care of us.

To complement this we employ our own security team to maintain a 24-hour presence to deter any potential petty crime. Regardless as to whether you are on a gap year, independent or school expedition your safety is our foremost concern.

Expedition Safety

By owning our own ground operation within the countries we work, we can provide you with an unparalleled level of safety and support on your expedition.  It means that we are on hand to deal with incidents immediately rather than just react to them from afar. We have a head office in each destination country and a year round operation. As a Camps International volunteer, you stay in the camps that we own, you use our transport, you work on our projects and are supported by our staff. All this results in a fully supported expedition. It also means that we are experts in the countries and areas that we work. We know what is happening on the ground and understand and are part of the communities we work with.

Vehicles & Transport

We have a comprehensive vehicle safety policy to ensure all the vehicles you travel on are road worthy and checked against UK standards. Our drivers are also carefully selected and fully trained. Where we do have to outsource transport to third party providers, we have strict policies in place to ensure they meet our stringent high standards.


The majority of our camps have good mobile phone signal. Where signal is poor we support this with VHF radios or satellite phones where possible. Remote camps also have a driver and vehicle on standby at all times.

Mountain Trekking Safety

Our mountain technical expert is a qualified International Mountain Instructor and advises us on best practice for all aspects of our treks including emergency response protocols. Professional guides and porters will accompany your mountain trek. Embarking on any trek is a challenging and serious endeavour that requires a level of physical fitness, stamina and a realistic awareness of the risks posed by high altitudes. We recommend that you do plenty of exercise in the run up to your trek and have a physical check up for overall fitness before taking part.

Scuba Diving Safety

We use professional dive centres for our diver training courses that are staffed by highly qualified professionals who are subject to stringent safety regulations from Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI). All our diving is conducted according to PADI regulations. We have chosen dive locations where the risk from local marine life is extremely low. We follow the General Standards and Procedures guidelines for recreational diving, which outline certain medical conditions that may preclude you from diving. It may be necessary for you to undertake a medical examination prior to diving if you suffer from certain pre-existing medical conditions outlined by PADI.  If you are unsure as to whether you will be able to dive, please consult your doctor before booking or contact us for further information.

24-hour Emergency Support

All Directors, Managers, Camps and the Camps International UK Office are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This ensures we can always respond immediately to an incident. Extensive Risk Assessments We have extensive risk assessments for each location. They are reviewed annually and whenever there are significant changes that affect our expeditions operating to the highest possible safety standard. For our School Expeditions, we also provide the lead teacher from every group with an opportunity to undertake a one-week teacher training visit to our camps and projects before the expedition so that they can undertake their own risk assessments.

Insurance & Emergency Assistance Providers

It is essential that every volunteer has comprehensive travel insurance. For our gap volunteers we recommend the travel insurance provided by Campbell Irvine Insurance Brokers, as this is a very comprehensive package that covers you for all the activities that you are likely to take part in during your programme. Through your travel insurance policy there will be an Emergency Assistance Provider (EAP). They are there to assist you in a medical emergency and will organise your repatriation if necessary. For our school expedition clients, travel insurance is included in the cost of your expedition and is also provided by Campbell Irvine. The Emergency Assistance Provider is a company called Specialty Assist. They are experts in emergency medical response and repatriation and have UK doctors on call that will liaise with the doctors in country in the unlikely event that someone is hospitalised to ensure they receive the best possible treatment.

Our Team

Camps International has a whole team working to make your expedition a success. This includes our in country directors, office, camp and support staff, our camp managers, our drivers, the dive instructors and guides and porters on the mountain, all backed up by our dedicated team in the UK head office.

School Expedition Leaders

Every one of our school expeditions will be accompanied by a professional and experienced expedition leader who will play a pivotal role in keeping your expedition safe and successful. Your expedition leader is responsible for managing the safety of your team, facilitating the personal development of each student and coordinating the day-to-day logistics of the expedition.

In-country Briefings & Orientation

On arrival at each new location and before each new activity you will receive a briefing from either the camp manager or project co-ordinator to ensure that you are fully aware of any hazards and know how to keep yourself safe before getting an orientation of the local area.

Medical Incidents & Relationships with Hospitals

Our camps are strategically located close to hospitals and main roads. We have carefully selected and built excellent working relations with the hospitals we work with.


BS8848 is the British Standard specification for the provision of visits, fieldwork, expeditions and adventurous activities outside the UK. Our expeditions comply with the standard and we annually review this through a process of self assessment.

Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge

We are among the first expedition providers (and one of only a handful) to receive The Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC) Quality Badge which acts as a national accreditation for the provision of educational visits, recognising organisations that are delivering high quality learning experiences and managing risk effectively.