Sponsoring challenges is something that we are used to in Britain, and possible Dubai.  However, over here in Latin America they have pretty much never heard of the idea and I think it is much the same in the other territories.  We can do the challenges, but we need to raise the money for it back in Blighty.

29th November is the date.  Andrea, our Projects Leader and Camp Manager of Camp Kuri Kuchu, and Edu, our Camps Leader and Camp Manager of Camp Maqui, will be summiting Chimborazo.  


People used to think that this might be the highest mountain in the world, now we know it isn’t.  But, because it is so close to the equator it is the point on earth furthest from the core and the closest point on earth to the sun.  That last fact makes me want to get up there, and following Cotopaxi in December that was our plan.  However, I’ll be busy elsewhere.  So, Andrea and Edu have been volunteered to go: Andrea has always wanted to do it an Edu is a bit of a nutter who says yes to anything ridiculous that we suggest. 




So, while those two are heading up Chimborazo for us, Kevin and I will be kayaking across Lake Titicaca.  The lake lies along the border between Bolivia and Peru, at 3800 meters above sea level.  The idea is to start on the Bolivian side, toward the south of the lake and paddle (mindlessly for hours and hours each day) from island to island until we reach Camp Titicaca, in the north west of the lake; five days.  Whilst the lake is beautiful of course, we are anticipating great pain and a failure to appreciate that beauty after the first five minutes or so.  The precise details of the route are still being worked upon, and we will keep you up to date with progress; both in training and logisitcal planning.  We are not at all concerned about the advice given to us by an experienced Ecuadorian kayaker – “That’s ridiculous, don’t do it.”


The link to the Justgiving page is www.justgiving.com/campschallenge – you know what to do.