Hi all,

Reporting from the coast. It’s great down here, below you will find reports for our first group to visit camp costa. Finchley, Poynton, Harrogate high, st Thomas rich, havelock, Humberston, franklin and ormiston maritime. I’ll let them fill you in on their week….
Hola from Camp Costa, so far Ecuador has been an eye opening experience. We’ve seen so many amazing things, starting in Quito.
First impressions of the hostel were not what we expected, where’s Lenny Henry’s premier inn when you need him? However, when we settled in and got to know each other, often around a pool table we enjoyed our time there.
After a well deserved rest from a very long flight we took a tour of Quito. Roberto, our tour guide was very friendly and hilarious, like most of the people we have met so far. He took us to a cultural museum, where we learnt bout the history of Ecuador. We also visited the bascillica -a big church, which we climbed to the top of to find a dazzling view of Quito. After lunch in a quaint restaurant we then went back to the hostel ready for an early night as we had to get up at 5 day for our flight to the coast. After a30 minute flight we arrived at Guayaquil airport and were then transferred to camp costa. We were greeted by very friendly staff, we were shown our tents and all made ourselves at home. The facilities were great however the toilets did startle us, two holes and no flush – mind blown! During our stay here we did our scuba course. We were taught by really trustworthy dive masters and instructors. Some of us spotted a turtle whilst out diving and we even spotted whales too whilst out on the boat and one day even from camp!
In between our scuba course we also had our first taste of project work. We built octopus houses to put in the sea and we also started work on a turtle swimming pool. It will be a rehabilitation pool for injured turtles found along the coast.
on our last afternoon we played games with some åÊof the local children and made wallets out of recycled milk cartons. We are all really sad to leave this camp, its been a great first week and the staff here are brilliant! – they have really made us feel at home! We have asked if we can just stay here but we have another camp waiting for us!
Camp Maqui next….
Bye for now