kibakiodinga.jpg As millions of Kenyans watched on television, President Kibaki and ODM leader Raila Odinga stepped forward Thursday and clasped each other‰Ûªs hand in a gesture which carried with it the destiny of a bruised nation. A collective sigh of relief seemed to sweep across the country in that magic moment ‰ÛÓ mediator Kofi Annan clapping gently to their left while Kenyans clung to the hope of security after three weeks of protests. With their advisors and select Cabinet ministers standing by on the steps of the Office of the President‰Ûªs Office, the two men uttered the words which could give us back our future; a commitment to dialogue to settle the crisis triggered by the disputed results of the presidential elections . Mr Kibaki said: ‰ÛÏI appeal to all Kenyans to remain calm and united as we seek for a solution through dialogue.‰Û And from Mr Odinga: ‰ÛÏI said in the past and I repeat it today that we are ready to walk the extra mile to ensure peace. Today we have taken the first vital step in resolving the electoral dispute.‰Û