We,ve just had a fantastic week in Tanzania with the American Community School Abu Dhabi. The team was great and everyone was dedicated to give back to the community.This is what they had to say…..

We have had several community service trips through our ACS school Abu Dhabi, but this year our service trip to Tanzania with Camps International have been a truly life changing for all of us. The things we did and the experiences we had were eye-opening.

We were grateful enough to be given the opportunity to change people‰’s lives. We feel very privileged in this world and wanted to give back to the local community. We started at Kidia, with the construction of the grandma‰’s house where our strength was put into test.

When we first showed up to the house, it was heart-warming to see someone so happy for our arrival.

We learned how to push wheelbarrows, mixing cement and plaster a house, finishing construction in 3 days to finally give it to the grandma.

Ferrying sand

Mixing cement


She was extremely grateful and we knew we had made a difference in someone‰’s life that would never be forgotten.

Grandma’s house completed

We had a soccer game with the kids that everyone participated in, and we had fun bonding with them and making connections.

Before leaving Kidia, we went to the local school and led games, sports, and arts activities with the kids there.

ACS playing games with a local school at Kidia

Sadly, we had to leave Kidia and go to our next camp in Manyara. However, no one will ever forget the impression that Kidia, the grandma, and the school-kids left on us.

It was truly incredible to see how happy these people of Africa were with the little that they had. After a long 6-hour bus ride, we arrived in Manyara in the late afternoon. The remainder of that day we rested; however, the next morning it was straight to work at the local school called Migungani. We were already good at cement-making and plastering, so we got straight to work.

ACS team Plastering community school in Manyara


Great work done by the ACS team at Manyara

We worked for a while and got lots done, but then we were able to have some time with the school kids.

This was another experience that was unforgettable. They taught us songs and games, and we taught them. The kids were so accepting and loving; it made our experience so enjoyable.

All in all, this trip is one that we personally will never forget, and I am sure that no one else will. It truly left an impact on our lives that really made it a ‰once in a lifetime‰ experience.

The people of the villages will always be in our hearts, and we wish the best for all of them.

Blog written by Reese Greenman, Maira Bolanos, Scott Sidlo, Natalie Kann, and Christian Warren