Some of you, well i hope most of you, will remember the tales of vomit, farts and pooh that accompanied the Camp 2 Camp Challenge event I put myself through last year (and raised over $5k for the Foundation) and so on this #CampsGivingDay I reckoned it would be a good day to announce the next half-baked nutty idea.  If you dont remember last year check out my blog post here….

And so to this year.  The Latin America team have conjured up some equally nasty physical events for themselves which we will put ourselves through simultaneously on opposite sides of the globe, but i will let them sing and shout about their plans later on.  We are planning on doing this on 29th November, which by sheer luck, is exactly 6 months from today – I am sorry we cant do it today but we are literally up to our ears in school groups currently and of course soon.  

Last year was Borneo so it had to be Cambodia this year.  I am a cyclist (sort of!) so prefer to challenge myself on something I am vaguely good at.  And so with a new camp opening up in Beng Pae, central Cambodia which we also hope to link with a ccyle route for school groups from Beng Mealea, i thought i would attempt another 24 hour nightmare.  This time i will cycle from Beng Pae to our other camp at Beng Mealea and then do the trek our teams currently do, finishing with a final ride down to Tonle Sap, the lowest point in Cambodia (this will become relevant once Ecuador and Peru announce their challenges).  This is normally a 3-4 day cycle for our teams and 3-4 day trek, squeezed into on exhausting day.  I promise no excessive farting or vomiting on this one (or at least i hope so).  I reckon its about 190km cycle (but its flat) and trek is around 50km or so.  

Over the coming months i will start my training again and iron out the exact route, timings and details and will be starting a Just Giving campaign in the coming weeks so people can donate easily.  Potentially i might open the challenge up to other people with Al (Ops Asia) already sounding me out to join.  Maybe one of the desk bound Directors from UK/UAE may wish to sign up to join me, and perhaps today would be the day to announce that too but we will see – no pressure.

Please watch this space for further information and details.  Thanks everyone and happy #CampsGivingDay