Well this is my first blog and i haven’t really done much yet, but i will share what i can with you! hope it helps!åÊi’m going to camp Ecuador in 2014! well i’ve been fundraising for a few months now and have nearly å£1,000 out of å£4,300! surprisingly, the majority of my money so far has been from doing absolutely nothing! By writing letters to local buisness’ asking for donations i have raised about å£500/å£600 and i haven’t even sent all of them out yet! i strongly recommend this as it’s easy cash and also can be used for publicity later on as it helps to let people know that your trip is happening! another thing i’ve done is åÊhold dinner partys. getting my mums friends to come round for a 3 course meal and pay å£10 each! we usually have about 6-8 people come to each one but it’s easy money! also, people often give tips meaning i can get up to å£100 for cooking a meal for a few people! simple, isn’t it! school discos are another one! the older students don’t tend to be interested but for year 7’s, it’s amazing! there are about 270 year 7’s in my school and in our first disco, 140 of them came! we had funky lights, music and baloons to decorate the hall and we had bags of sweets and fizzy drinks which we made a healthy profit from! in total that night, we raised about å£600! this was then split between the 6 students in our group! this is most of what i’ve done for now, hope you enjoyed it!