Mantanani Community Learning Centre (CLC) has been officially handed over to the community on 18th October 2012. Following Rory‰Ûªs blog today on Wow! Completing Borneo Project WorkåÊ , I would like to share some photos documented from when it all first started building åÊin June 2010 to October 2012 feeling how amazing it is to get very committed and hardworking volunteers getting stuck åÊin every part of the built. We have had many challenges throughout the completion of this building but it is one that we had great experience with everyone involved and are really proud of. Earlier during the start of this project we have blogged about what you will be doing as volunteers coming to Camp Mantanani. We also shared the day we raised the roof on the CLC. One of our biggest challenges! In February this year, we had our Camps Directors visit and Stu blogged about his trip and the progress on tough day at the island office. Summer this year, we had more hands to help complete this project and Anna Nicholls, one of our Arkitrek interns who stayed as long as 5 months on the project this year, sums up perfectly the end of the CLC summer progress report. How it all started by the seashore… More photos on the soft opening day here and handover to community here.