CAMP BENG PAE – July 14th – 25th, 2015

Camp Beng Pae opens the gate on July 14th 2015 and is hosting the group until July 26th. The first group is Ronearl (ibish), second group is Sarika (minor bird) and the third group is Sek (parrot). As soon as the group arrived to camp, Sunny the camp manager and his local team are greeting them with big happy smile and check them in to camp. He then walk the group in to the community and show to them about the local lifestyle, as well as to show to the group the projects.

In the local culture when their are guests visiting them, they bring their guests to the local monk and propose for the water blessing from him. The meaning of the water blessing is to get rid of bad luck and to bless the people for good luck and prosperity in the future.

The monk are blessing the group by giving the shower. This is another experience and this one is still very popular in the local way.

The group carries on the house building project. They are building the wall, building the floor, and settle the windows and door into the wall. This house is for the family of 5 people (one grandma, a mother and three kids). This family is one of the poorest family in the communty. Their current house has its roof broken and wet floor during the rain.

Working on the floor

Building the brick wall to hold the soil and water for the future flower garden in the school.

Painting the wall and drawing some pictuers. Now, the classroom is bright and smart

Building the dam to hold more water in the lake for the longer use in the summer.

At the reforestation area and group is planting the tree

Group brought some school bags and give to the local school kids

Group photo with local school kids