The Camp Borneo team are currently snowed under with several large International School groups as well as some gappers so are somewhat busy and unable to focus fully on a day of giving.  However it doesnt mean they have forgotten about it and have made some plans for when things quieten down a bit.  here’s what they’re planning/pledging….

1) Camp Borneo ‰Camps Kitchen Recipe‰ Book.   The idea is to collect and compile signature dishes from all of our Camp locations, created and cooked by our staff

a) reuse / recycle materials to create a recipe book or box of recipe cards

b) e-recipe (create an online Camp shop where people can buy online)

c) Recipes on Cds (get sponsorship for CDs and printed covers)

Items a) & c) can be sold at Camps Shop all year round.

We will start launching this plan with research and submissions on various favourite recipes with summer volunteers, with reserach, planning, cooking and recording all selected recipes.

A sneak peek of signature dishes in mind from Mantanani: ‰sweet and sour fried egg, Beef in soy sauce, Pumpkin stewed with coconut milk, Battered brinjal in black sauce, Sugary butter donut‰

2) Mantanani Raft Race / challenge

Teams are challenged to salvage materials to build rafts to be raced around the island or certain stretch along the island. This hopefully will educate people reusing and recycling materials found on the beach. Some basic items will be provided example. Certain lenghts of ropes, tyre tubes, a paddle.  Team will build their own raft within specifications and race from point A to point B.  Target participants : staff rep from each camp, stakeholders on island, islanders, project partners, help from police for safety, local authorities (health dept, district council..etc). Max number per team – 4.  How funds are raised : Participation fees. Raise funds from family, friends, raft carries sponsorship banners on their raft-teams sponsorship.  Raft Race scheduled to be organised later in the year, Nov/Dec.