At Camps we are very proud of the various projects we undertake around the globe at our various camps – whether it be environment, community or wildlife focused, we know that these projects really make a difference and they are the life blood of our orgnanisation and ethos.  As a company, we underwrite these projects on a daily basis, 365 days a year, ensuring they are not only supported financially but, perhaps more importantly, supported physically beyond completion, ensuring the projects have longevity and sustainability.  As many of you will know we have a charitable arm, The Camps Foundation, that runs parallel to the company, raising funds to supplement our projects, or undertake more focused or specialised causes, such as the Sasenyi School long term food and support programme in Kenya

Every year on our birthday (29th May) we have started what we have called the Camps 100% Giving Day.  We felt that with all the fundraising various volunteers have undertaken towards our projects over the years, the very least we could do was to give one day a year where everyone in the company committed to some form of fundraising or challenge.  And in line with the Foundation’s tag line of “Giving 100%” (all our donation money goes directly to the project), we felt this was an apt name for the day.  The main purpose of the day is four-fold: Raise some additional funds for the Foundation; Raise more awareness of the great projects we do;  Reconnect our staff team with the projects and realise the great work we do; Have some fun!  The teams around the globe have been conjuring up some hair brain schemes over the past few weeks which will be announced over the coming days before diving head first into it all on the 29th.  So watch this space for further updates and announcements over the next couple of days and of course follow all the action live (well sort of live) on our social network channels on the day itself.  Thanks and Happy Camps 100% Giving Day.