Despite a very rocky start to 2008 with election problems, our first four clients arrived in Mombassa last week. Since then the intrepid Imaginative Traveler team of Michelle, Allison, Vincent & Ingelise have been up to Camp Mukurumuji for their orientation, bush walks and a visit to the local village and Morris’s house. Yesterday the team moved up to the elephant sanctuary and started project work in full force. The guys have been planting Jatropha seedlings to support the buffer zone between the village and the elephants, making elephant dung paper as well as visiting the school and the tree nursery. From here the team will move on to Tsavo East for a 3 day big game safari before moving back to the Kenya coast for some well earned rest & relaxation before taking off to wherever they are going.. Here are some pictures to give everybody an idea what’s going on and the general message at the moment is that Kenya is very much back on line and raring to go! Cruising to Camp Bush walk to the local village Michelle pounding Maize with the local women Allison learning how to weave ‘Makuti'(thatch) Visiting Morris and his familly at home Allison learning to climb a coconut tree ‘Its an i-pod!!’ This was taken from the car on the way back from Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary after visiting our clients, spot the baby! The Elephant Dung paper making factory just inside the gate of the Elephant sanctuary Allison making Elephant Dung paper Ingelise soaking up the water from the dung paper template Working up an appetite before lunch!! “-Having a fab time, everyone should come!’ Allison Ruault ‘Kenya is beautiful and the people incredibly friendly-everyone should visit sometime’ Inge Taylor ‘Beautiful country. We are being really well looked after. Everyone is so friendly!’ Vinent Taylor