We are quite pleased this season to have an extra pair of hands. Helene whom all of you will meet over the season is an ex-teacher and has lived in Kenya for over 7 years. Her old school has traveled with us and after Helene ran one school trip, she had the Camp Kenya bug. And so the diary of a…begins… Blogging?… me?!… I can‰Ûªt put my finger on it, but there is something about this blogging idea that doesn‰Ûªt quite compute with me‰Û_ But what better way to find out if I would like it‰Û_ than trying it!? At least, after one week at Camp Kenya, I already know for sure that each day will offer plenty of magical moments and pictures to share! So here is my first entry! Tuesday 12th July Visit to Ocean Camp ‰ÛÒ Watch the space between the Blue and the White for the Flip-Flop workshop coming very soon! Visit to Kaya Kinondo ‰ÛÒ Ooops‰Û_ forgot to take any photos, as we were busy discussing about our project of building a banda for the Women‰Ûªs Community Group. I promise some photos in a few days‰Û_ Visit to Camp Muhaka ‰ÛÒ First day of action for the Team from Cardinal Heenana, Trafalgar and Ballard schools. Their Community Project at Muhaka for the next 3 days is to build toilets at one of the primary schools. two Half a day‰Ûªs work and already shoulders deep‰Û_ Everyone is busy‰Û_ quietly‰Û_ as students from the primary school are in class studying five meters away on the right. The Kenyan school calendar runs from January to November, with a short break in August. The team‰Ûªs other project, one kilometer away, is to build an extension house for the elderly lady of a local family. The sun is hitting now but the wind is strong and the rains come and go quickly at this time of the year. An extra roof and space will certainly make a whole difference to the family. six With the guidance of Camp Kenya staff, students are learning quickly the art of building a house with local materials: wood from old coconut trees and sisal poles and plenty of mud to come! Building a house? Let‰Ûªs just do it‰Û_ You would have worked out from this first entry that I‰Ûªm a very lucky person this season: I will be moving from one camp to another, working with the students, the teachers, the expedition leaders, the camp managers and the Camp Kenya office in Diani. As teacher liaison, I will be helping to ensure that the amazing projects which are about to take place over the next five weeks on the Kenyan Coast and in Tsavo run effectively in order for the people to be smiling on the photos! I hope I will like blogging‰Û_ and will try to continue sharing our Kenyan moments of the day. As colleagues at the Camp Kenya office keep saying with excitement: ‰ÛÏThe Season has begun!‰Û HÌ©l̬ne