During November work down at the spring was still at a standstill as all project work has been focused on the classrooms and water storage tank up at the school. This last month Life clients have been working very hard on getting the concrete slab finished on the water tank behind classroom B. The roofing A-frames have been laid on top of the two layers of coral blocks of classroom B and are now ready for the corrugated iron sheets to be placed on top.

Construction of the corridor is almost complete, the floor and pillars will now be cemented and plastered. The roof of the classroom will overlap the corridor and the guttering will be fixed onto the end to catch ay runoff rainwater.

Life clients and masons cement the roof of the water tank at the school.

Once this classroom block has been renovated it will need two layers of paint and fitted with shelves, cupboards and desks. The classroom in the foreground of the picture has been used as a storeroom, the only classroom that has been utilised recently in this block of classrooms in the nursery at the far end.

The new corridor of Classroom B, the floor and pillars have yet to be plastered and painted.

View of the nursery classroom with the kitchen in the background

This picture shows the added height of the classroom by the two layers of coral blocks.

The roof of the water tank shall be plastered and the taps for collecting water will be down the stairs (seen here on the right leading down towards the tank)