You know when you have those weeks when you cannot wait for the weekend? This is definitely one of those for me, but only because I am taking some of your lovely teachers on a recce to Borneo on Saturday! SO EXCITING! I am rather sad that I won‰’t be able to chat to you guys next week, but it means next time you call I can help give you a better idea of what to expect on expedition!!!

Anyway, back to our Fundraising Friday Star! This week‰’s star is one who I came across completely by chance, but I am so glad I did! Amy is amazing and was hard at work as soon as she heard about the trip, by starting her fundraising right away. Her hard work is definitely paying off! She also has a pretty cool blog as well!!!

Here‰’s a bit more from Amy:

I started my fundraising by selling Christmas cakes to my friends and family. I raised £300 from this, so I am very grateful to everybody who bought a cake from me! Tesco at South Wigston even donated £30.00 worth of vouchers for my Christmas cake ingredients! Lots of companies have donated vouchers to use as prizes and help with my fundraising!!!

I have also held a fun day with a few other people going to Borneo with me, we managed to raise over £200 and everyone enjoyed it. I would like to say a massive thank you to Charlotte – for doing nail painting, Naomi and Sophie – for performing, and all of my friends and family for helping with the event. Family and friends made beautiful items to sell on the craft stall, and local shops donated things like candles, money boxes, photo frames, fragrance sets etc, one shop even donated cellophane so we could put together gift sets!




I had a very successful fundraiser at St Francis Community Centre in Hinckley when I raised £125! This was done with the help of the community centre, who donated the money raised from the door to myself, as well as a very kind lady from another stall who donated the proceeds from a lucky dip to me! Thank you to everyone who made me a huge array of items to sell!






My restaurant takeover at the Shires Inn was really successful! 32 people came and I raised £270! A massive thank you to all of you who came and supported me and also to The Shires Inn for allowing me to complete the event! The food was exceptional and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves!

The rest of the Borneo team and I have completed 2 car washes at the Bell Fountain in Wigston, at which we raised £105, this meant another £20 each!

Sainsburys in Oadby allowed us to have 2 days (16th and 17th August) bag packing! On the Saturday, we raised £835 and on the Sunday, we raised £610! Overall we raised a total of £1445, so each of us made just over £200! We also did a bag-packing day in Tesco where we raised over £600!

Other things I have done:

A grand total of 13 car boot sales! From all of these I have raised £1205! A massive thank you to my mum, dad and nan for helping out with all of the car boot sales and for sacrificing their lie-ins! To get all of the items for my car boot sale, I posted a bag and leaflet to all of the people on my paper round. Everybody was extremely helpful and gave me many kind donations! Also, many of my neighbours kindly donated a lot of items to sell!








I did a craft stall at Saffron House residential home in Barwell at which I raised å£40.

I raised £30 from a tea and coffee sale, and £20 from another cake sale

I managed to make £200 just from selling unwanted items!

I also made £100 just from Christmas tips from my paper round!

All of this incredible fundraising means that I am getting very close to my target of £3960! In fact, I‰’m not very far off at all!

Future events:

– A sponsored abseil down St Mary’s church in Hinckley (crazy – I know!)

– Another church event in November similar to the one that we did in February

– I am also planning a quiz night in costa in Wigston with a few of the Borneo team, as they have kindly allowed us to use their facilities.

All this fundraising is only making me even more excited for this once in a lifetime expedition that I will soon be undertaking! Thank you everybody for your ongoing support!

Just incredible! Just goes to show that lots of fundraising events can really add up, doing a variety of different events often will give you an amazing boost in your fundraising. Well done Amy!!!

As I said, I won‰’t be here next Friday, so instead Rach will be blogging our Fundraising Friday Star. Cannot wait to go now, got butterflies from feeling so excited, you guys are going to get this feeling in summer!!!

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