So I am currently working my way through a very long list of potential Fundraising Friday Star entries! You guys are amazing and I love the fact that I always have a few new entries to glance over. I‰’m constantly amazed with all the different ideas you guys are coming up with.

This particular entry has stuck with me for a while, ‘because although Becky really wanted to apply, she has been busy. And we in the office understand this, really we do, we know you guys have got a lot on your plates with exams, jobs and volunteering, it can be difficult to juggle and we know this. (So if you ever need to talk, just ring us, we aren‰’t that scary‰! we promise!) Anyway, to take the strain off Becky, her rather lovely mum wrote the entry for her.

So here is what Becky has done so far:

Becky’s fundraising events have so far been, a small sponsored bike ride, selling lots of her own paintings in a local boutique



and doing Henna tattoos for friends and family members.














Which has totalled £600! The school has also been organising events, which has also helped in raising the funds for the trip.

A local photography printing firm has donated a £500 pound gift voucher for Becky to use in an auction, she has had a donation from Thomas Cook children’s charity, a years entry prize to Nature in Art and extra donations at local car boot sales. All in all she is doing really well so far, but she has got a few more big events coming up.

Becky got herself a volunteering job at a local city farm called St James City Farm; this is based in the heart of the community in Gloucester. She has been there for just about a year, and has been a valued helper to all of the staff and animals, so much so that they wanted to help Becky out in some way.

Becky sat down with the staff at the farm and came up with the idea of doing a joint fundraiser in May. The farm relies on donations to keep it going, and supplies are running out fast. They came up with the idea of a 150-mile bike ride for a fundraising event. The money they raise will be split between Becky and the farm. Between them they have a very large donation of  £2000, from a local business and they are willing to supply all of the clothing, drinks and food for the event. They have said that they will offer more if the training is stepped up a gear. It won’t just be Becky though, there will be backup following behind her in the form of the Farm staff and vehicles.

Not very long ago the staff at the farm were all invited to a presentation event, where they were given certificates for their help and support. The person giving out the certificates was the police commissioner of Gloucester, when he got to Becky she was a little reserved and shy, but the senior staff of the farm explained to the commissioner about Becky’s fundraising event and he donated £500 pounds there and then.

The farm always has articles in the local newspaper to help generate much needed funds, so it has been arranged that there will be news cover at the start and finish of the event. All of the local families are welcome to come along and cheer her on; I think it will be a fantastic day for both the farm and Becky.

Barnwood park school is organising an end of year prom for the pupils, and Becky managed to organise a photographer for the day free of charge. All of the profits from the event will go to the girls who are attending the Camps trip, which is fantastic news. It has been such an amazing journey for her to raise the money for this trip and she is still going. We are looking forward to the next fundraising venture from Becky and hopefully the trip will be a fantastic one for all involved.

How incredible are Becky‰’s paintings?!

I‰’m so jealous of her amazing artistic talent!

She really is doing everything she can do to make her fundraising a success, and I am incredibly impressed.

So a huge congratulations from everyone here in the office for being our Fundraising Friday Star Becky!

Please email all entries to, I can’t wait to hear from you all! 😀 Remember, every Fundraising Friday Star will win a FREE HEAD TORCH! 

If you win, you will automatically be put into a draw to win an even bigger prize… every quarter we will choose one Fundraising Friday Star to win A FREE RUCKSACK, SLEEPING BAG LINER, TRAVEL TOWEL AND WATER BOTTLE!!! Which means less kit you’ll have to buy.