It‰Ûªs been another busy week, and it‰Ûªs Friday, which means my brain has stopped working! Luckily, I didn‰Ûªt even have to think twice about this weeks star!

Chloe is a recognized blogger, which is great considering my brain is having a nap. If you guys could give me a call in the office and catch me up with your fundraising to distract me, that would be great! For now I‰Ûªll leave it up to Chloe to tell us a bit about her fundraising:


I first heard about the trip a few years ago when previous students from my school went. When I got into year 11 and found out we had the opportunity to go, I was ecstatic! I told mum about it and I didn’t really give her a chance to say ‘no’, I was that excited and enthusiastic about it! I’ve always wanted to do something like this, and there was no way I was going to pass up this incredible opportunity. 

My fundraising so far: 

I kicked off my fundraising by setting up a little tuck shop at my brother’s football games. Each week they’re out on fields with no food facilities and many players, including their parents, and some of them have to travel a fair way. On my stall I sold sweets, chocolate, teas and coffees ranging from 25p to 50p, and raised å£59.50 to go straight into my funds for the expedition.

My most successful event so far has been my trek, a personal challenge to myself in which I raised å£344. Despite the fact that I was absolutely knackered within the first 10-11 miles, I pushed on like a trooper and finished the entire walk taking just over 8 and a half hours, or 510 minutes, phew! I arranged the walk myself alongside a fellow fundraiser Louis. Doing a personal challenge like this is a great way to fundraise and you get such a sense of achievement at the end. (We did the whole red dotted line!!!)

I started pet sitting for various different people, so far I have pet sat for a hamster called Steve, my Nan‰Ûªs dog and my Nan‰Ûªs cats. I have earnt å£220, just from pet sitting!

I‰Ûªve been doing garden jobs, such as weeding and painting fences, and have raised å£146. I can’t say that painting is my favourite thing to do (it really is as exciting as watching paint dry – literally), but I’m going to end up doing things I wouldn’t do out of choice if I want to make the full cost of the expedition! 

I have also:

Taken online surveys – å£25.00

Baked cakes- å£65.00

Done car boots – å£197.10

Washed cars – å£10.00

And got some rewards for my exams – å£60.00

For more information about each event, please visit my blog:

Throughout the whole of August I managed to raise å£826.25, which has given me a huge boost with my fundraising. 

Future fundraising plans:

I’m currently putting together my next two major events, which are a coffee morning and a “Borneo Bingo” evening. I’m always coming up with new ways to help with my fundraising, and updates will be posted on my blog to share my experiences, and any tips other fundraisers might like!


Chloe‰Ûªs blog is full of how-to guides for fundraising events she has done, and lots of little tips for fellow fundraisers. She‰Ûªs going to put me out of a job soon! Eek! Really hope my boss doesn‰Ûªt read this blog‰Û_ 

I won’t be writing the blog next week, but don‰Ûªt stress! I haven‰Ûªt upped and left you guys; I‰Ûªm simply going away to catch a bit of sun! I will be back the week after; so, next week you will get Rach instead, who is hilarious. We love Rach!

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