Hi guys, I hope everyone has had a fabulous week! Please allow me to introduce myself to those of you I have yet to chat to‰! My name is Lauren and I am a new member of the fundraising team so I will be supporting/annoying you along your fundraising journey :)  

I went to Kenya with Camps when I was 15 so it‰’s an absolute pleasure to be able to say I am now a member of staff 9 years later! Having been on the fundraising journey myself I know how much hard work you guys are putting in and let me promise you it‰’s going to be so worth it!! On that note, let me introduce you to this weeks Fundraising Friday star which I‰’m really excited about- without further ado, our winner is Deanna! Who knew you could make a cuddly toy monkey from a pair of old socks? I just loved how CREATIVE Deanna has been- Look. At. Those. Cakes. If I ever need one I know who I will be asking, they look truly amazing! Could you send one into Camps, please?

Awesome entry, well done Deanna!

Hi, my name is Deanna, and I will shortly be travelling to Kenya/Tanzania for the trip of a lifetime!!

I first heard about Camps international and this trip through an assembly at my school, and I simply fell in love with everything!! I thought how amazing would it be to travel to Africa and experience the lifestyle out there whilst helping out the community too, and seeing lots of wildlife. Even the idea of climbing the mountain excited me as I can only imagine the feeling when watching the sun rise over the plains of Africa! I knew I had to go!!

I went home that night and spoke to my mum about it and with it costing almost £4000 I expected the answer to be no, but after explaining to my mum everything I had seen and heard in the assembly, she could see how passionate I was to go and so agreed to go to the information evening about it my school was holding. From there, we signed up, paid the deposit and set up an agreement of my mum paying for the expedition initially and then I would pay her back every penny, as this was less pressure on me and my A2 Exams.

The first thing I did was set up my own website so I could advertise all my events and let people know why I was doing this! I then began to fundraise, with me and my mum collecting items around the house we could sell and also began making our own homemade cards. My first event was a small stall in the cold wind where I sold teddies, jewellery, cards and cakes, but only made £30 due to the stall fee, but this was only the start.

My next event was much bigger, as we decided to organise our own indoor car boot sale/stall day. We hired out a church hall, charged stall holders a stall fee to pay off this cost and contacted many local businesses and fellow fundraisers to see if they wanted a stall. We had stalls ranging from personalised candles, gift boxes and face painting to teddy tombola, lucky dip and a food stall. This was a massive task to organise and although it wasn‰’t easy I am proud to say I raised around £500 bringing my total in November 2014 to around £1000.

For this event I made some sock monkeys to sell, made from just 1 pair of socks, stuffing and a bit of ribbon. I also made some loom band creations as these were very popular at the time. I‰’ve also done some bag packing in local supermarkets on 6 different occasions and made roughly £300 from doing this. It was lovely to speak to some customers, and explaining my trip to them made me all the more excited to go. As well of this I collected lots of unwanted clothes and took them to cash for clothes which I have made about £50 over the year. I have also music magpied a lot of CD‰’s, DVD‰’s and old games and have raised over £150 in doing so.

One of the big long term fundraising ideas I have done is making cakes for friends and family. Already a keen baker I made a cake for my older sister‰’s friend (red and white Liverpool 40th cake). After making this I was then asked to make my cousins 18th birthday cake (the white with purple butterflies cake). My family then suggested I open my cakes up to a bigger audience, and after lots of convincing I decided to open up a Facebook page where people can ‰like‰ the page and place an order with me, with any profit I make going towards my trip. This was a very popular idea, and I have already had almost 100 ‰likes‰ on a page that is less than 6 months old. Some of the cakes I‰’ve made are pictured below; after some donations from friends and family too, I am about £500 away from reaching my goal, which although I know I won‰Ûªt achieve before I travel, I am still very proud of how much I have managed to raise, and I will continue to fundraise in September before I go off to uni ‰ as I WILL pay off every single penny.


To any future fundraisers I would say don‰’t let the cost let you say no to an adventure of a lifetime! Small bits of fundraising can soon add up to a lot. Just try to think of an idea which you are passionate about, as then it won‰’t seem like work but rather fun! + Don‰’t give up!!

These next weeks couldn‰’t go fast enough!!

A fantastic effort all round and those cakes really do look amazing! Your head torch is on its way to you in the post- result!

Ok guys, you should know the drill by now. Keep sending those stories in as not only are you in with the chance of winning a head torch but it also really does brighten our day.

Please include a few sentences about how you heard about the expedition, a few paragraphs detailing what you have done so far in order to raise the funds as well as anything that you have up your sleeve for the future. We also would like‰ pictures, pictures and more pictures! Make sure these are of high quality so we can include these on our website and also so everyone can see with their own eyes how well you are doing!


Please email all entries to fundraising@campsinternational.com, we can‰’t wait to hear from you all! 😀 Remember, every Fundraising Friday Star will win a FREE HEAD TORCH! 

If you win, you will automatically be put into a draw to win an even bigger prize… every quarter we will choose one Fundraising Friday Star to win A FREE RUCKSACK, SLEEPING BAG LINER, TRAVEL TOWEL AND WATER BOTTLE!!! Which means less kit you’ll have to buy.