This ones got it all- advice, ideas, and best of all passion! Emma is clearly a forward thinker which is vital when it comes to fundraising and her attitude is amazing “if it’s not so successful it doesn’t matter i’ll just move onto something else” LOVE this mindset!

Hi fellow fundraisers!

I am Emma and I am going to Cambodia in Summer 2017 with my school. I only signed up to the expedition in October and I have managed to raise £279.66 so far.

I have been selling unwanted items on eBay including books, fancy dress costumes and guide uniforms which were just filling drawers. I have kept back things which will sell better in spring for after Christmas.

My biggest fundraiser so far was on Friday 4th December at our village community ‰Annual Christmas Tree light Turning On‰ event (the stall was free which was a bonus). I made Jams, marmalades and lemon curd which sold very well (I put samples out so people could try them before they bought them which worked well). I also made hot chocolate mix Jars which didn‰’t sell as well as I expected so I will be trying to sell some of them on the local Facebook community page as well as giving some away as Christmas presents. I had also made key-rings and bracelets and I sold quite a few of those, they are a good item to make as any left keep well for another event. I have learnt that you need to sell what people want at a particular venue, so either get the right items to sell, or be in the right place at the right time. My friend Kyle was on the stall too, it was much more fun being with someone else who is also fundraising. He sold cellophane bags of sweets (normal kiddie sweets and retro sweets) and homemade cookies and put them in lovely hamper which looked really effective on the stall. The sweets went really quickly as there were lots of kids at the event.

I have been cooking Saturday teas for the family every week while they are all out playing sport on a Saturday, they look forward to coming home to a hot tea and I get a contribution to my fundraising.

This year instead of buying an expensive prom dress I have bought one online as an alternative, my mum has donated the difference to my fundraising, I‰’d definitely look to doing that again, and the dress is as beautiful as a shop bought one.

My parents have helped me set up an ‰Easy Fundraising‰ account and a ‰Quidco‰ one, so whenever we (well they really) make an online purchase we can put the sale though the site with the best rate as the rates do vary.

So you can see I‰’ve made a start to the fundraising but I still have lot of money to raise, so I have planned a murder mystery night for my birthday and I have suggested to my friends that I would like them to donate to my fundraising instead of buying a present. It has been great fun planning it, but hard work as you need to allocate parts so need to get everyone committed early.

I have a long list of other ideas including a school disco, car boot sale when the weather warms up, cheese and wine night (for my mum‰’s friends), coffee morning (for mum‰’s friends). As we are a group from school we are also fundraising as a team. We will hopefully do a sponsored walk, some cake sales and some bag packing (always a good fundraiser, but check the with the shop as some will only let charities do bag packs ‰ (in the past Asda and Morrisons have been good).

I have put my name down for a paper round, it‰’s only once a week but the money can go to the fundraising as every little bit helps. It could earn me £400 before I go on the expedition for half an hours work a week.

I think I am a fundraiser who tries lots of different fundraising ideas rather than one or two big events, if something works well I‰’ll do it again, and if it‰’s not so successful it doesn‰’t matter I‰’ll just move on to something else.

Whatever you do, enjoy it and think of the benefit it will make to the communities you are going to,

Good Luck to every fundraiser!


Ok guys, you should know the drill by now. Keep sending those stories in as not only are you in with the chance of winning a head torch but it also really does brighten our day.

Please include a few sentences about how you heard about the expedition, a few paragraphs detailing what you have done so far in order to raise the funds as well as anything that you have up your sleeve for the future. We also would like‰ pictures, pictures and more pictures! Make sure these are of high quality so we can include these on our website and also so everyone can see with their own eyes how well you are doing!

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