This week‰’s star has got it sussed when it comes to getting the word out. Not only has she created her own website but she has also managed to have a piece written about her fundraising journey in her local newspaper- nice one!

She‰’s also apparently a star in the making, gaining sponsorship by singing and selling cd‰’s, can you send us one into Camps please?!

When I first found out about the Borneo trip I was so exited- then found out the cost and had to think about it! My parents and family reasonably said if I could raise the first payment by myself then they would help me raise the rest. I got to work and managed to successfully raise the deposit!

Now my whole family are behind me and are really helpful with things like transport to and from my fundraising events; I can’t wait for the expedition as I know I can do it now!

So far I have sung at pubs and people have made donations in relation to this. I have also attended lots of car boot sales and have been keeping busy doing odd jobs such as cleaning and tidying up, which I get sponsored for.

In the future we are planning to make some CDs of my singing to sell and are trying to organise a variety night in our local town hall who are also very supportive.

My next event will be another car boot sale and I will also be holding a cake sale in our town hall around Christmas.

Awesome! As ever, PLEASE send us over your fundraising story, it makes us smile when we get to read your stories! What we look for when picking a Fundraising Friday Star is what you felt when you first heard about the expedition, a few paragraphs about what you have been up to so far for your fundraising, any future fundraising plans and some pictures of your fundraising! LOTS of pictures! (pleeeeeease) But the pictures do need to be of a high quality that can be uploaded online‰ no fuzzy mugshots! 😉

Please email all entries to, we can‰’t wait to hear from you all! 😀 Remember, every Fundraising Friday Star will win a FREE HEAD TORCH! 

If you win, you will automatically be put into a draw to win an even bigger prize… every quarter we will choose one Fundraising Friday Star to win A FREE RUCKSACK, SLEEPING BAG LINER, TRAVEL TOWEL AND WATER BOTTLE!!! Which means less kit you’ll have to buy.

Until next Friday,