Hey guys, it‰’s the best day of the week, Fundraising Friday!!!! Time to meet our next Fundraising Star, Oli!

Oli is pretty on the ball when it comes to fundraising, he got stuck in right away and decided to do something BIG! Oli recently climbed the three peaks, not only to raise money for his trip with us, but also for the charity Wooden Spoon! Pretty amazing, right?

Here‰’s a little something from Oli:

When Camps came to school to talk about the trip to Ecuador next year, I was certain I wanted to go.  My sister went to Tanzania in 2011 and after hearing her stories about what a great time she had and all the different things they got up to I was sure that if the chance came up I would want to have the same sort of experience.

Fundraising so far:

I have a part time job at a local farm shop, but I also wanted to do something that I could look at as a worthwhile achievement, so I decided to do the three peaks challenge. The three peaks challenge is to climb the highest peaks in England, Scotland and Wales back to back.  I started a web page, a donation page and a Facebook page to try and get people interested in what I was doing. I also got in touch with the Wooden Spoon Charity who supports disadvantaged and disabled children and young people.  I offered to donate half the funds to support them.

We drove up to Snowdon on Thursday night, and woke up early Friday morning to start the climb. We managed to take a wrong turn and ended up adding an extra half hour onto our journey but… we made that back up quickly enough. The view once we got up there was definitely worth it, we could see for miles! On the way back down we took the correct route and made things a lot easier for ourselves, we managed to finish the mountain in lss than four hours.

The drive from Snowden to Scafell Pike took longer than expected due to traffic problems, so we got there just before 6pm and started the climb just after 6pm. On the way up we took the faster but steeper route going up Mickledore; it was an easy walk to the summit with not much more climbing to do. Once we got to the top it was completely clear with great views over the Lake District. On the way back down we took the longer route because the shorter one was too dangerous to go down with all the loose rocks and scree. We finished in less than 4 hours.

Traffic wasn‰’t good on the drive to Ben Nevis so we stopped for a while to get an early start. We started the climb 11am, and once we reached the top we didn‰’t stay long it was a quick get the top, take a picture and leave. We finished just short of six hours, which meant our overall time was roughly 34 hours.


I have to say a big thank you to my parents; I wouldn‰’t have been able to do it without them, and thank you to everyone that has donated, it means a lot.

You can still donate on http://www.youcaring.com/mission-trip-fundraiser/oli-s-three-peaks-challenge/192614. So far I have just passed the £1000 mark from the challenge so both Wooden Spoon and I have done very well from the challenge.


I don‰’t know about you guys, but I feel pretty lazy right now! Use Oli as inspiration to get yourself going with fundraising, you can do something amazing if you put your mind to it!

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