Although we have several set projects and goals which we strive to reach by the end of each year, being on the ground 365 days of the year gives us a chance to be part of a community rather than just supporting a community and thus, often we engage with various community outreach programs and join up once in a while to either do something specific or just have a good time. Camp Tanzania has recently been spending a lot of time at Tuleeni Home. Over Peace One Day, we were able to build aåÊ pig pen. Recently, Tommie and his team celebrated early Christmas with the children: Last week Camp Tanzania staff and their volunteers participated in giving the children a lunch treat. The lucky recipients were the Tuleeni children from Rau area of Moshi town. It was not about taking them out for a meal neither nor was it ordering from some fast food restaurant. Instead, the volunteers and camps staff donated towards the treat. With funds realized, Anderson hit Moshi market and did all the purchasing. Come Sunday morning, we all went to Tuleeni with our food stuff and started preparing lunch for the ever smiling lovely souls. The local ladies came out in big numbers to help. The volunteers got stuck sorting out the rice and making ‰ÛÏkachumbari‰Û (salad). Others were busy preparing the cordial and setting up the music system that we‰Ûªd brought for the kids to have a bit of dancing going.

Shall We Dance? A volunteer dancing away with one of the children

At noon, lunch was served and it was so pleasing to see the volunteers and camps staff serving the kids. Thereafter, we all sat down together and enjoyed our meal with everyone else. Worth our while day? Cooking for a great cause. What a great way to end the season.