Dear Uganda Team Parents,

The Camps Team would like to apologise for the limited social media reports that you are receiving from Uganda. It has been and continues be extremely difficult to upload images to the net in Uganda, we have people standing for days under random trees on the River Nile searching for network, donkeys transporting memory sticks from the height’s of Mount Elgon and motor bikes shifting laptops from Rhino Sanctuaries on mud filled roads to remote village internet Cafe’s.

So when you do receive a blog or a tweet about your intrepid Childs progress from the Ugandan bush, be assured that it has taken both ingenuity and a lot of effort to get it up on line. We will continue to strive for more consistency with our Ugandan social media efforts but in the meantime re-assure you that your children are having an absolutely amazing life changing experience on the African Expedition. In the meantime our Ugandan communications including emergency phones and e mail are working well and we are constantly in touch with our operations team there to monitor the schools progress.

Thank you for your patience and understanding and apologies again if some of you have been disappointed by the frequency of expedition reports and images

Kind Regards

Simon Englefield

Director (Africa)

Camps International